Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We sold our trusty minivan today. It was very strange.

(The pictures have nothing to do with the post, but oh my gosh how cute is my baby? He didn't like the hat. He worked hard to remove it.)
From October 2011

See, about a year ago, we thought, "We ought to sell this car," and there was nothing else. Then every now and again Derek or I would look at each other and say, "WE MUST SELL THIS CAR!" And nothing ever happened.

From October 2011
Then we moved.

And I thought, "WE MUST SELL THIS CAR!"

From October 2011
And I put it on the internet. We got a call.

They came.

They paid.

They drove away.

And I have no minivan.

Weird, right?
From October 2011
(Oliver said, "Take a picture my hand!" So I did.)

But we were able to eliminate a ridiculous car payment. YAY!

We're buying something older and bigger (cuz well, we're going to outgrow the minivan) and life is good.

It all happened very very fast. I don't think Derek thought I'd actually do it.

But I did.


Anna said...

one question, how soon are you outgrowing the minivan?

Morgan -Ing said...

Haha! NOT in 9 months! How's that for an answer?? Longer than that for sure. But even with four boys, we're cramming them in there with car seats and such.

Deila said...

I have always felt weird too about the day the car is gone. It becomes so much a part of your family life. I actually feel a little sad when it happens -- funny I know. We just sold our gave our 10 year old Yukon to my husbands business partner in Mexico. I kind of miss that car.

Erin said...

That may very well be the cutest picture ever. That hat! Those cheeks! What a doll. Also, Anna beat me to the outgrowing the mini-van question. :-)


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