Monday, October 17, 2011

See Morgan

From Drop Box
See Morgan.

See  Morgan run around.

See Morgan feed her children McDonalds.

A lot. 

See Morgan clean walls and carpets.

See Morgan steam clean bathrooms.

See Morgan realize the city utility workers exploded sewage into her bathroom. Again.

See Morgan weep. 

Weep Morgan Weep. 

See Morgan clean and clean. 

See Morgan's children track mud into the house. 

See Morgan threaten death. 

See Morgan spend Thursday-Monday at the old house. \

See Morgan sit. 

Sit Morgan sit. 

See Morgan ignore the boxes begging to be unpacked. 

See Morgan promise to unpack them tomorrow. 

See Morgan go to bed. 

Sleep Morgan sleep. 

Oh wait. 

See Morgan get up to tend Ezra in the night. 

Tired tired Morgan. 

(Writing my name that much makes it look WEIRD!)


Alice said...

Sewage? At old house? New house? See Alice send sympathy to Morgan.

Anna said...

I would have copy pasted the name. =) Good luck especially with the whole sewage thing...yuck


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