Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Oh October! I love you!

Today we prepared for the frost. (Dear Frost, see you tomorrow!)
From October 2011

We ate delicious soup and delicious (OHMYGOSH) bread twists. (OH MY GOSH!)

We carved our pumpkins and danced to spooky music. Henry kept turning off more lights. "IT NEEDS TO BE MORE SPOOKY!"

From October 2011
From October 2011
From October 2011
From October 2011
From October 2011
From October 2011
Our dancing of course inevitably turned silly and became a wrestling match/chase. Our new house is a circle on the main floor, thus facilitating such activities.

"Mom!" asked Spencer, "What kind of monster eats brains?" he called as he chased Henry.

"A zombie!" I said with great authority.

"NO!" he replied on another lap around the house. "Zombies drink blood! Henry! I'm going to eat your brains!" he said as he looped.

"Nope, vampires drink blood. Zombies eat brains" I quipped on lap three.

Boys. I mean, really?

Tomorrow, it will be COLD and I'm planning on unpacking some boxes, chopping some firewood and doing school around the fireplace. And more soup. OF COURSE more soup!

Doesn't that sound perfect?

Doesn't that sound cozy? You're welcome to drop by!


Robin said...

Delicious soup, spooky dance moves, and gaining knowledge around a cozy fire? How can you top that?

Sounds wonderful. I hope you all enjoy! For me, living in the desert, it's still in the high 80's outside.


The Wolford Family said...

I can honestly say that we have NEVER carved pumpkins shitless....

Erin said...

Sounds like a personal problem, Sarah...

cheekybabyboutique said...

it is cold here right now and we're doing pumpkin patch tonight.. i think i will be making soup though before. i love soup mmmm

Jen said...

My boys are the same way with the lights--always turning them off so they can "scare" us!

The Wolford Family said...

Ok sorry all I can say is DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT!!! Or not I suck at typing

Gamble Gang said...

I gotta say, Morgan, I love reading your blog - you are the best! Gotta love those boys!


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