Monday, October 24, 2011


(Bending over my laptop at the Playland, cheap diet coke! Oh I love thee!)

Lately I have become obsessed with drinking coffee.

Not acutally drinking it! But what coffee drinking represents.

And not in the gross "smoke break/coffee break."

This post is NOT starting off well.

Okay, here's the thing: You know I struggle with mornings. I mean a lot. Not like in the "Mornings are mildly uncomfortable" way but in an "achy, I'm so tired I want to die and sell my children to the highest bidder" way. Every single day I feel this way.

I hate feeling this way. But with an-almost 11 month old who thinks sleeping at night is SILLY and having a natural night-person tendency, sleep is a a flighty temptress. Then with very early-rising children... blah. I know it's life, it's just the way it is right now.

Enter my obsession with coffee.

See, I start my day being woken up by Spencer waking up Oliver. I have to be UP and GOING  immediately.  I go from dead asleep to working in a split second.

But what I WANT is to wake up, stretch, saunter into the kitchen, and slowly start my day over a hot beverage. Hot chocolate!!

The idea of calmly, quietly, HAPPILY greeting the morning seems so lovely and dreamy.

I have tried getting up before my kids, and on days that is successful, it's AWESOME.

But, Ezra makes his way into my bed at some point in the night and by 5:30 in the morning he's in a light sleep-cycle and if I get up, he gets up, thus defeating my "get up before the kids" issue. I literally am trapped in my bed by my baby.

But, when the morning breaks, I just want to sit and browse the Pinterests and drink hot chocolate, for maybe, 30 minutes BEFORE anyone poops their pants or cries "WHAT IS FOR BREAKFAST!"

I need a morning commute. I need time to actually be awake and get centered before I start dealing with the demands of a job I love.


cheekybabyboutique said...

I SO hear you on this seriously. last year i had a glass of hot chocolate almost EVERY morning and then i had to cut myself off i was using the yummy creamers and stuff too.. i'd be annoyed and stressed get David to the bus come home and enjoy my cup of hot chocolate that i had to smuggle into my bedroom to enjoy and not share with kids... and i'd purposely use the mint chocolate creamer because Gracie didn't like it as much.. i'm evil.

Lori said...

Word. I feel your pain Love. I used to be you (not literally), but I used to feel this way ... and then about a year ago, i decided to start setting my alarm for 30 minutes before the kids woke up, even though it means less sleep for me (bummer), at least I feel like i'm getting up on MY TERMS ... which in turn, makes me happier and gets EVERYONE off to a better start in the morning. Think about it, before you say, "Screw that!" p.s. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell of coffee ... hate the taste (even in my pre-Mormon days, never drank the stuff) ... but love the smell, so much that sometimes i feel like brewing up a pot, just for the scent ... much like someone would burn a candle. I did the math though, it's not very cost-efficient. :(

~L said...

Agreed Morgan!
Before school started I set my alarm for early to give myself some time before the kids got up and get myself on a better schedule so our days went better. Yeah.....Every day I got up early the kids just got up earlier. And I too find myself trapped in bed with a fussy stuck in light sleep baby between 5-7am...the time range I would like to get up and have some time to myself. But if I get up she gets up :( Every day I'm left wondering how I can improve things and get this to work! So now i've just started focusing on getting to bed earlier....for the time being.

p.s. Love you posts!

Tonya said...

Oh, Morgan, I so feel your pain! I attempt to get up before the kiddies as well - it's becoming easier with the three older kids, since they will sleep in (Okay, the tween is HORRIBLE in the morning, but that's a whole other stage entirely). I have the coffee maker all set to flick on, and get at least half a cup ingested by the time Owen, the three year old, comes padding down the stairs (Ugh...the sound of those little feet coming downstairs makes my skin crawl some days). I do find that although I need to get up way early, it makes for a better morning. Good luck!!

Stacy said...

Amen sister. Big, Baptist, huge hat wearing, hallelujah- saying amen. It would also help if i didn't have violin students arriving at my door at unholy hours...

Morgan -Ing said...

It is nice to know I'm not alone. :)


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