Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Space of Theirs

You know, this move is DRAGGING on. No, we're not out of the OLD house yet. No, we're not unpacked at the NEW house. We're functional but cluttered here. And the old house, well, yes it's good we have had all month, but I keep thinking, "If we hadn't had a month we still would have gotten it done."

Not to mention buying a car eats up a TON of time.

Did I remind you Derek is frantically trying to get that stupid effing dissertation done for a deadline looming ever nearer?

So, the move, it's dragging.

Every time I get a room "done" more boxes o'crap surface. I don't know! But a half a box of kids' clothes showed up today as did an entire box I needed LAST night. I tell ya.

So, today, I decided that I needed one "DONE" space. One place that we could see as progress.

The alcove became that spot. It's our school room. I love it.
From October 2011

Two seconds after I finished, Henry and Spencer pulled books off the shelves and began their "Research" as they called it. On bombs.

From October 2011
Oh boys.

So, tomorrow I won't get a thing done, but today! Today I accomplished the alcove.

From October 2011


Stacy said...

You're amazing. Looks amazing.

Brian and Kelsey said...

Research on bombs...I love it.

Chelsea said...

Can *I* go to school there?!


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