Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pinterest is Bad For Me

 I done saw this hoodie on Pinterest. 

I done fell in LOVE. 

I done decided I could make it MYSELF. 

Oh Pinterest. You flighty temptress. 

So, I found a pattern of a jacket that looks NOTHING LIKE THIS but it was the best I could find. 

Then I started hacking the crap out of some material. 

A week later: 
From Drop Box
I'd show it on, but Derek is no where to be seen and the mirror in the bathroom is making me look fat today.

Suffice it to say, it was A PAIN to make. Seriously. 

But it's lined with flannel. 

It's SO comfy. 

There are too many mistakes to count. 


But autumn begins tomorrow. 

Perfect timing. 

And I did two button holes vertically and one horizontally. Oops. 

I don't care.

I plan to wear it every single day. 

Just so you know. 

Pinterest is bad for me.


Lori said...

I want that hoodie! Strike that. I NEED that hoodie! I have a plan in the works ... which will involve cold, hard, CASH ... as opposed to me being all 'Morgan' and making one from scratch out of twigs and leaves ... you're so resourceful and crafty ... it kind of makes me sick ... in a good way though. You know I love you. This is NOT a hate comment, i reapeat, this is NOT a hate comment. ;) Miss your guts lady!

Chelsea said...

AHHHHH! Why must I be virtually incapable of sewing?! I am so jealous of you right now. SO jealous.

Brian and Kelsey said...

I NEED that hoodie. Okay so I have a gray jacket that looks very much so like that buy my buttons are black and I love the baby blue buttons...maybe I could swap them out. Maybe YOU could swap them out...

Alisha said...

I love that hoodie! Awesome. I wish I could sew, but nope. Not me. You are amazing.


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