Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pinterest Week Continues!

Last week was ALL ABOUT BODILY FLUIDS week around here. 


The above is what I decided we needed to make to celebrate the first day of fall... which was yesterday.

Except that fall doesn't start until tomorrow. These are small-ish details that do not matter in the grand scheme of things. I discovered this AFTER telling the boys we would be making fall leaf cookies to celebrate autumn. Too late. Much too late.

See, I am pinterest's slave. I had no choice but to make fall cookies with multicolored dough.

So I did.

I finally gave up matching the colors exactly because I had used A LOT of food coloring at this point and my very distinguished palate can taste dyes easily. Ew.
From September 2011
I also had no leaf-shaped cookie cutters, unbelievably, considering I have literally 101 cookie cutters. No really, I have that giant box of 101 cookie cutters... So we improvised. Footballs, suns, pumpkins and flowers. Oh yes, all very autumnal.

Hmmm. Maybe they will darken up and look better once they are baked.
From September 2011

NOPE! They are totally groovy, flower-power, creepy, overly-dyed sugar cookies!
From September 2011
Pinterest Fail.


Erin said... have to use concentrated food coloring, like the Wilton's coloring in the little jars otherwise you have to add almost a whole flipping bottle of the other stuff to get the colors right. And, don't ever, ever try red. It's just an exercise in futility. Orange, brown, yellow and green work well. :-)

Morgan -Ing said...

Nay, I did. Well, with the red and green. The yellow and orange were the drops. But red and green were gel. Sigh. At the least the green was right. The red? Still pink!

Erin said...

I have never had "red" coloring actually make something red. Never, not even one time. I have learned to embrace pink. Well, or I just do something other than red.

Yasmine said...

I have that same box of 101 cookie cutters. You're right, there's not a leaf in there. That's just darn criminal!

As a new fan of pinterest, I'm loving your focus on it!


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