Monday, September 19, 2011

Did you know?

From Drop Box
Four teaspoons of children's benadryl (give or take) will not kill a 28 pound 2 year old?


It will make him drunk as a skunk and grumpy and tired. And it gives him the munchies.

But friends, it won't kill him.


I don't recommend doing so on a regular basis, because the fright it gives the two year old's parents is not fun.

And trying to explain to Poison Control exactly HOW much he took... well, it's all very trying. Very stressful.

But in my child's case, 4 teaspoons of children's benadryl will not kill him.


It makes for a very long night, checking every hour on the hour, to ensure that your 28 pound 2 year old is still breathing.

So long.


Lori said...

Good to know ... really, good to know. And good to hear that Oliver is still alive and kicking! I'm sure this whole ordeal was extremely scary ... but on a lighter note, I would love to make up a t-shirt for Oliver that reads, "Bendadryl has NOTHING on me!"

Yasmine said...

Oh my gosh, how scary for you. Glad he's ok!

Are you going to post that pumpkin spice donut recipe? Please?


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