Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm also here right now. Check it.

Hi friends.

Today was SOMETHING.

Much work was done.

Ezra choked (full-on-for-reals) on a little tiny sticky note. When I heimliched the heck out of him, he coughed it up and there it was. It said, "sign here" on it. Where the atch-eeee-double-toothpicks did he find that I ask you?

Then rather than finish all the things I had to do, after a busy morning, I betook myself to the back yard and just basked in the amazingness that was today.

And I thought, "Summer will end on Monday. I better enjoy this." And so I did.

The big boys hopped the fence and went and played with their bud.
From August 2011
(Look way in the far back left of the picture, you'll see Spencer making his way over the fence.)

Ezra and I chilled and Oliver napped.
From August 2011
From August 2011

Then to the DENTIST!

Henry. The others will go in a few weeks.
From August 2011
NO CAVITIES! This is good news. And a surprise. And Henry is apparently TEETHING. Six year molars? What the heck?

And when he got to choose his, "I was awesome at the dentist" from the treasure trove AT the dentist, he selected this:
From August 2011
A stick on mustache. I don't get it either.

And tomorrow is my birthday. Yup. 28. Wow.

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