Friday, August 19, 2011

Derek Hacked Morgan's Account for Her Birthday

Yup that is right folks, this year for Morgan's birthday I (Derek) am hacking her blogger account and posting this entry just because I love her.

Now Morgan is not some normal run-of-the-mill person (but you all know that), she is the most amazing person I have ever met. No, really, she is. She denies it but I have been in love with her (or infatuated with her depending on how we are defining the feeling) since the first time I met her. So I must bring you all the way back to 2001, yup just about 1 decade ago.

The Story of Derek Meeting Morgan for the First Time:

The time: the beginning of November in 2001.
The place: the Nelke Theater at BYU
The setting: very dark, the lights were turned out

You see I could barely see anything because I was the Assistant Stage Manager for a play that was taking place in the Margetts Theater that backs right up to the Nelke Theater space. The play was about to start when we turned all the lights out to the Nelke Theater and there were a few people making noises or saying who turned the lights out, or something of that sort. So as the Assistant Stage Manager backstage was my duty so I go to find out who it was and to tell them to be quiet, or shut up, or get the heck out of there, because no one should be back there, after all we were using the Nelke as part of our backstage. So I go into the Nelke Theater and was immediately accosted by some woman who at this point I did not know a name for with a witty tongue and sparky (or sparkly dependent on the point of view) personality. She started to tell me I could not do this turning off the lights thing, yada yada yada... I was the Assistant Stage Manager for the play that was taking place so I said, yes I can and will turn out the lights and they needed to leave, she gave me this attitude that turns me on, yeah I like sass and this woman had tons of it (never mind she was only 18 years old). To this day she sasses me on a regular basis and is she still H-O-T when she does it.

This was my introduction to Morgan's World.

I did not meet this gorgeous woman again until she and I were in the same directing class the next semester. In our first class we were put into groups, but her group had too many guys and not enough gals so they needed to trade a guy for a gal (one of Morgan's best friends), she threw me under the bus and tossed me to the other group without a second thought. Yeah, I thought she was beautiful and wanted to be in her group, but she didn't have a second thought about throwing me away. Yup, I had the Morgan-on-the-mind thing going on and would often catch myself looking over at her during this directing class.

One day I was shooting a film for this class in the Harris Fine Arts Center when I noticed this woman from a small distance who had a really nice body, and as I looked at her from behind, I wondered who this person was (yeah I did notice her body, I was a single guy not really attached to any one). This woman turned around and yup it was this gorgeous woman again, I was ENAMORED.

Then there is the story of our first date (I may have been enamored but she was still too beautiful for me to even talk to) and the struggle for me to get a second one, but those are for a different day.

I have been in love/infatuated with Morgan since the first moment I met her in that dark theater almost 1 decade ago. So on her birthday I wanted the whole world (or at least those who read her blog) to know she is still the most amazing, gorgeous, and witty woman I have ever met and I still catch myself staring at her in wonderment that she is my wife, mother to our four sons (so far), and as of the past couple months boss at our new business. I could never think of any one that would be a better wife, mother, or boss and she does everything so well, I am grateful to know/love her.

So my love Morgan one of your birthday presents from me on your birthday is my hacking your blogger account and posting to your blog. I love you.


Lori said...

LOVE this! Love you guys! So glad you two hitched your wagons together! Happy Birthday Morgan Hagey!!!

Carolyn said...

Yeah! That's a picture I took!

I love this post, Derek. You win the Great Husband award for today.

Morgan -Ing said...

Oh my husband. He even knows my love language: blog.

Stacy said...

Good work Derek! I loved the story and hearing about how you adore your wife. Happy Birthday Morgan! (I don't think my husband could post an entry on my blog if he had to!)

Kim said...

aww shucks, that is so adorable. You guys are the cutest couple.

Alisa said...



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