Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fountain of Youth

From August 2011
Oliver reading The Family Therapy Journal.

This morning, Spencer appeared in my doorway, much too early, a blanket firmly tied around his neck. He was OFF like a rocket before I could even hoarsely whisper, "GO DOWNSTAIRS!"

The children have been going strong ever since. Worlds of imagination and play all around, constantly.

And I am very tired.

I'm realizing just how seriously children take their jobs. They wake up ready to play, ready to discover, to ask me a million questions.

And they go. And go and go until I force them into their beds once again at the end of a day.

When I did I lose that? Intrinsic, natural motivation to just be? I admittedly work very hard *most* of the time. But my desire to sit and look at Pinterest all day long is something I must stifle.

Where did my commitment to life get so lazy? These kids of mine, they are just dedicated.

It's amazing and exhausting.

I need to bottle it and sell it; this vitality they possess. The Fountain of Youth! I'd call it. It'd be the next big energy drink. (I am yawning as I write this! I need some for myself!)

Goodness, can I have a nap?


Tonya said...

I'm so freaking exhausted...I hear you! School starts a week from yesterday. Counting the days...

Tonya said...

Me again. Just wanted to let you know I've given you a blog award! Stop by and check it out!

Patty Ann said...

Love it. Sometimes I think I will never be able to keep up with them.

Lara said...

So true. Both about not having nearly as much natural motivation as my children seem to have and about sitting around looking at Pinterest all day. :)


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