Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Bologna Has a First Name-

Cute, no? We had fun seeing the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile ("Mama why is it called the Weiner Mobile?") today! It stopped by our town for just a bit.

Oliver dressed himself before we left in PJs. Like I'm going to argue. Except there were news crews on hand. And they filmed him. So. Awesome.

But the kids loved every second, and I had never seen a Weiner Mobile up close either. Call it a homeschool field trip success!

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Carolyn said...

Are you going to be on TV?? haha, that is an awesome field trip. Love the pj's.

Morgan -Ing said...

They were on KSL at 10, but I can't find a link anywhere. It was like the "end of the news happy story" blurb, so I'm wondering if it won't be available on line.

Jen said...

love it! How fun!


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