Monday, August 29, 2011

Oral Fixation

From August 2011
What would it be like if we all didn't outgrow our oral fixations? I have this on my mind because we have entered the stage with Mr. Ezra where everything must be tasted in order to be more fully appreciated and experienced.

So that means I am constantly fishing things out of his mouth. Right?

Imagine it. You get your oil changed. The mechanic hands back your keys. First thing you do is shove them in your mouth. "Thank you!" You say through a mouthful of slimy, dirty keys.

A cashier hands you a receipt. You crinkle it up and shove it in your mouth. Mmm paper. AND a crinkly noise! PERFECTION!

You find a rogue shoe on the ground. It must be sucked on!

I mean, we'd all die of crazy diseases. Thank goodness for good baby immune systems.

And thank goodness we aren't all Freud-flunkies who never outgrew our need to salivate on everything.

Cuz ew.


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