Monday, August 22, 2011

New Beginnings

We've been talking up the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for weeks. The kids have been excited for WEEKS.

And then, I slept like crap (thanks a bunch Ez), and woke up with the same headache I went to bed with. And Ezra kept crying every time I attempted to escape from my bed this morning, so I didn't get to be UP and READY before the boys were as was my plan.

Basically, I strongly felt like declaring today defunked and trying again tomorrow.

Except those stinky children of mine were SO excited and unwilling to let my craptastic feelings ruin their first day of school.

(Excuse the phone pics... maybe I should buy a new SD card for my camera...)

So, we went at it.

Kindergarten is fun.
From August 2011
I don't know why Henry has that dorky smile on his face. I said, "SMILE FOR REAL!" and that was the best shot. 
From August 2011
Spencer said, "I want to wear these two hats." I said, "Okay." Not worth the battle. 

 Oliver wanted his picture taken with the chalkboard too!

Ezra cried if I put him down, so I did my best to accomplish all that needed accomplishing before he was finally ready to be napped. Hurray for nap time!

From August 2011
(He can't crawl, but he can drink out of a straw?)

Success? Yes.
From August 2011
From August 2011
Yes, we painted with spaghetti. FUN! And extremely messy.

Perfection? Oh no. Not even close.

But yes, we can do this. It's gonna be a great year!


Brian and Kelsey said...

Good luck! There's a reason I don't teach kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh, luving the spaghetti painting! Some lucky boys at your school! xo, katrina


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