Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come On In

Derek and I are excited to "officially" unveil our LLC that we've been working on (him more than me) tirelessly since June.

We discussed the importance of anonymity, safety for our family, etc. The fact of the matter is, ya'll could simply google me up real nice and find out plenty. So, we've decided to give you all the tour. Feel special. 

Come on in to Stages Family Therapy.

(Sidenote: The name of our baby was born late one night while we threw out name after name after name. "Stages" of course has a double meaning: counseling for people in all stages of life, and a throwback to Derek's past life in the theater.)

Our door. It's my favorite. The wonderful logo was designed by the FABULOUS talented S. Marie Carlson. Isn't she grand? 
From August 2011

So, we found this board game at Deseret Industries, and frankly, had absolutely no choice but to purchase it. It's my favorite.

From August 2011

The wall'o'Derek. Degrees, certificates, you name it, it's up there. Except for the frame that will hold his PhD in DECEMBER. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
From August 2011

If your therapist doesn't have candy then you ought to find a new therapist. Like say, Derek Hagey, LMFT?
From August 2011
He's my favorite. 

Comfiest couch in the industry, gur-an-teed.

From August 2011
The other part of this whole shebang is our internet presence. 

Find us here. Stages Family Therapy. Guys, I am as proud as if I birthed this bad boy. We're growing slowly but surely. We are in this for the long haul it appears, my friends. 

Need some help? Derek's your guy. I swear! 

He's awful cute, too. Did I mention he's my favorite? 

In fact his ORIGINAL wedding ring (he's had three!) was engraved with "My Favorite.
I am swooning with pride. 

Sorry you had to endure this smoochy blog post.

 But my man; he's awesome. 

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McEuens said...

And thus ends my dream of you moving to Western Mass (or wherever else I might live in the next 20 years). Sigh. Happy for you guys, though. And lots of wishes, prayers, and fingers crossed that it all gets up and running quickly and painlessly.


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