Sunday, June 5, 2011

Today is a Day of Days

Today my sweet Ezra is SIX MONTHS OLD.
From June 2011
I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

Guys, this baby boy... I mean... he's just...





Yes! Yes to it all.

What would we do without our Ezra? Adored by many brothers, parents and various other family members, he is one lucky boy.

A lady at the grocery store stopped me the other day to declare, "He is like a little light! He's so bright and joyful!" She said this having merely seen him hanging out in the sling as we walked past. But yet, she completely nailed it. He is a light. He is our sunshine. Ezra came to us unexpectedly but my goodness, we are grateful.
From June 2011
My fourth son, my song. I love all my children the best of course, no buts about it. So I'm very thankful that we have Ezra to love the best too. Each boy brings something different and wonderful to our family, and each piece fits like a puzzle.

Oh Ezra, happy six months! We all adore you!

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