Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Today,

I love you! Let's make-out.
From May 2011
First off, today is GORGEOUS. Today is the kind of day that I think God must pat himself on the back for. "Did you SEE today?" He'll say to St. Peter? "It was like AWESOME!" And St. Peter will of course concure because, hello. Wouldn't you?

Today HAD the potential to be nasty and awful. No seriously. When the morning finally rolled around, I was quite convinced today was going to be AWFUL! Everyone has colds so no one slept well. Ezra cried and nursed and cried and nursed ALL NIGHT LONG. Then Henry coughed so hard he threw up all over his bed... I think that was at midnight. Then at 5am, Spencer came waddling into my room. He somehow had managed to get both legs into ONE pant leg in the night. How he made it all the way upstairs, I have no idea.

"I need help with my pants, " said he.

Ya think?

So, we spent the entire morning snuggling and in our PJs until Oliver found out it was DATE DAY (as Fridays usually are!) Typically, the dates happen when he's napping so he's none the wiser. But today he demanded to be included and that Mama take him. So take him I did. Donuts were his choice. I abstained. I KNOW be proud of me.

Then it was nap time, which meant date time. It was Spencer and I today. As of late, I've been frustrated with trying to come up with fun activities on our dates. Our town isn't huge, so our choices are limited. Today I decided to quit trying to one-up myself and just go with simple. Sandwiches and day-old bread from Jimmy John's, and a picnic at the creek. Sandwiches for us, day-old bread for the ducks, geese, seagulls and one swan. Ezra came along because he refused to nap, and it was GLORIOUS. We watched mama and papa geese tending their babies. We watched one mama goose LITERALLY goose the heck out of a swan that got to close to her babies. Spencer loved it. We rounded it out with a quick trip to the library for books. Ah, date day, I LOVE YOU.

Now, I have two clothes lines heavy with wet, clean clothes. Oliver took a fantastic nap, Ezra is asleep, Spencer is doing some sort of ninja play downstairs, and Henry and Daddy are out on their date.

Tonight? Take out with my man after all the chilluns are in bed.

Did I mention that I love today?


Deila said...

I loved this post! So easy to picture you and your fam, colds and all. Those are tough days, you really did a grat job to see the positive. thx.

Alisa said...

can't find your post I read about your target I'll comment here. Ummm. You. Rock.

Stacy said...

Me too! I just scored a pair of jeans for me for $2.75, a Sunday outfit for Max for $9, got a frozen lemonade and a pedicure. I am feeling like we should go to Vegas because I've been so lucky!


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