Friday, May 13, 2011

In Which I Brag (And You Congratulate Me!)

*Blogger promised they'd put this post back and they never did, so I'm reposting... sorry if you left a comment ... it's gone. Put it back for me!***

Two words:


That's right, folks. I now weigh what I weigh when I got married. (Derek remarked that this was impressive as the size of certain assets have doubled since the wedding which is why I don't my wedding dress would zip anymore, sigh.)

I would like to thank breastfeeding, Diet Coke, bananas, Lean Cuisines, my husband and family. It was an honor just being nominated.

And what am I going to do now? Well, try to not get pregnant today or tomorrow (and if you don't remember, any time I make public declarations like this, it tends to backfire. May I introduce you to Ezra?) and maintain this until such a time as there is a new bun in the oven.

It is incredibly rude to ask a lady what she weighs, so I'll tell you so you are spared the rudeness. Before I do, I would like to put this disclaimer out there: It appears that the women in our family have very strong, very heavy bones. Like lead lined. We don't really break bones or get osteoporosis, and our skeletons alone weigh 108 pounds. The weight I am about to disclose is still on the "high end" of normal according to the "experts." I am a loose size 8 or a snug size 6.

To help you have perspective, I weighed 186 the day Mr. Ezra was born.

This morning I weighed 142.

Damn. That feels good.


Carolyn said...

HOORAY!!! You're amazing, and an inspiration! Congratulations!!

TJDKG said...

YAY!!!! you do know tod doesn't give you much timebefore you're preggo again.. but with how mr.Ezra sleeps i give ya a little more time..

Lori said...

Dude, you sooooo need to post a picture of your hot new bod!!! I'm so proud of you Morgan ... congratulations!!!

Mandy and Chris said...

You go girl!!! :)

Brian and Kelsey said...

Let me the first to congratulate you (on the 2nd time you posted). You really do look amazing!

Alisha said...

I am ridiculously proud of you. I need your secrets (and I mean seriously). I wish I could get to my weight when I married Jason (132). Wow that would be nice. But that I don't think would happen. 145 is my dream. Bravo to you!


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