Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You've waited so patiently.

This morning was a vascilation between apathy and frustration.

Apathy- tired, don't want to clean or unpack or deal with babies who won't sleep, post-vacay blues.

Frustration- Water in the laundry room. Again. Stuff to clean, clothes to wash, you know the drill. I did yell. I yelled at EVERYONE. Just for a second, but still. I don't yell, typically. My own voice felt foreign in my throat. I don't yell because I despise the way I sound and the way my family looks at me when I do. YUCK. Shame on me.

So instead of wallowing in apathy and frustration, I opted for a good day.  I read an entire book and rocked babies and fed children various forms of crackers and fruit and kissed them when they came near enough to my spot on the couch.

Henry said to me today, "I am so glad to be home! But Las Vegas sure was fun!"

Amen, Kidlet. Amen.
From Vegas trip 2011

So without further ado (because I want to eat an ice cream bar, and who knows when Ez will start back up again...)


The FOOD. Oh restaurants in Las Vegas, how I miss you!

The PARTY. Seeing dear friends and former clients, so delightful.
From Vegas trip 2011
From Vegas trip 2011

The WEATHER. Seriously, in a month Vegas will be unbearable. But April in Vegas? Perfect.

The POOL. Henry (and my brother Josh, who came along) loved it. The first day, Spencer and Oliver both acted like I was trying to murder them when I pulled them in. We lasted ten minutes. But by the last day, the last 20 or so minutes, they decided the (not so) hot tub was the PLACE TO BE. Spencer had actually refused to even set foot in the pool area and went off with Derek elsewhere, but eventually both he and O-man ended up loving it. Spencer went skinny dipping because he refused to swim in his clothes. (Because he had ORIGINALLY refused to swim!)
From Vegas trip 2011

The VOMIT. Yes. Always. Someone (in this case mulitple someones) always vomits when we leave town. No idea why.

The LAUNDRY. Due to the aforementioned vomit, a trip to a Mexican laundromat was in order. Luckily, I know enough Spanish to know the difference between "caliente" and "frio" so the laundry was done without incident.
From Vegas trip 2011

The HOTEL room. Bathtub in the stairs. Seriously. Oliver was terrified of it, until our final night there.
From Vegas trip 2011
(See the chain in the background? It's blocking off the bathtub, WEIRD!)

The HILARIOUS moments.

Henry randomly remembering things from when we lived in Vegas and talking about them CONSTANTLY! His memory is shockingly good.

Spencer "talking" to the "police" on the unplugged hotel phone, long after he was supposed to be asleep. *My kids think hotel phones are toys, so we always have to unplug them the moment we check in.*
From Vegas trip 2011

Josh getting his foot stuck in the stroller. Me telling Josh to sleep in his SUITCASE when I meant his SLEEPING BAG and he attempting to oblige.
From Vegas trip 2011
From Vegas trip 2011

Derek trying SO hard to get the DVD player we brought from home to work with the hotel tv so we could watch the new Harry Potter. No, it never worked.

Ezra discovering his toes. Oh my baby!
From Vegas trip 2011
Packing up and laying Ezra down for TWO SECONDS on a pile of sheets, and turning around to find him asleep. DARLING!
From Vegas trip 2011

Good trip all in all. But tomorrow, I really must get my life back in order. REALLY MUST!

I'll let you know how it goes.


Alisa said...

we have to unplug the phones, too!!!

Sofia's Ideas said...

I know this visit is long overdue but I wanted to say thank you for stopping by Sofia's Ideas and leaving such a lovely comment. I hope to see you back there soon! :)

Katie said...

Morgan, everytime I visit your blog I end up laughing out loud! this trip looks like so much fun, and what is up the bathtub on the stairs? who thought up that room design? your brother looks like a lot of fun too :) happy Easter!


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