Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Night Time Diaper Dilemna

I like to tell stories. This I know to be true. So here we go. MORE POTTY FODDER.  

Sundays are hard at our house. Are they hard at yours? Ezra struggles particularly as does Oliver, and Spencer, oh heck, who are we kidding, Henry, Mommy and Daddy too. All that church service is perfectly exhausting.

Ezra, specifically, doesn't do well when we don't respect his sleepy times. Most days we simply do not go anywhere when he's sleeping. It's simple, when no one has school, to plan around his nappy-naps.

Sundays are not so much with the sleepy-time respect. Church is from 1-4. No ifs and or buts. So he misses a nap (and a half). Painful.

So, tonight, at 6pm I finally got Ez down for a nap (I don't want to talk about Oliver's lack of nappage).

Except, he decided to put himself down for the night.

So by 10pm, when he decided to waken slightly, I knew we had a problem.

See, I had failed to recognize that it was Ezra's BEDTIME, and had put him in a cloth diaper that I knew wasn't gonna make it all night. Don't get me wrong, I love me my cloth diapers, but this one just wasn't going to cut it.

I had to change him.

But, he was barely awake, just crying and fussing mostly in his sleep.

So, now do I change him? Or leave him? No matter what I'm going to HAVE to change him. Do I make him angry now or later? 10pm or 2am????

I opted for now.

The poor sleeping baby was pretty offended.

Here he is, fussy and requesting nothing more than a quick, sleepy snack and some warm momma-snuggles.

The darling got more than he bargained for. I imagine it's jarring, to be swaddled up nice and warm in flannel and the comfiest of sleepers, and then with no warning having it all whipped off you, no more wrappings, no more jammies, NO MORE DIAPER.

"WHY" I heard him cry, "Why are you messing with my bum? What is the matter with you, Devil Woman?" He hollered.

I definitely made the wrong choice. It was made worse by my judgement that expediency would be better than tenderness. QUICK seemed like a good idea.

It was not.

I didn't even snap him back up in his jammies, such was my (and his) consternation. I just snapped the top, and swaddled him up quick.

In a flash he was latched right where he belonged and immediately let me know he was thrilled with life again via his happy, tired toots.

I just prayed they stayed "toots" and nothing else, if you know what I mean, because I didn't want to have to change him again.

And that is how I managed to make a diaper change a GREAT BIG DEAL.

And now I'm going to bed.

You know you love it.


Melissa said...

Oh I remember those dillemas - to change or not to change... your pretty much in trouble either way!

Stacy said...

Yup. n all accounts. Epsecially the evil 1-4 church block, the baby missing his naps, and the Sunday crankies. Which is why everyone today has been forbidden from bugging the baby so he can have a nap! And my change or not change dilemma usually results in both us waking up soaked. Isn't motherhood glamorous?!

Morgan -Ing said...

Melissa- Yes, I always choose wrong, no matter what. :0

Stacy- I know you know the feeling. :)


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