Monday, April 11, 2011

My day in letters

Dear Public Utility Workers,


Thanks ever so much for cleaning out the sewer pipes on our street. Thanks for making my toilet explode all kinds of things I don't want to think about all over my bathroom.

Nothing says, "Top of the mornin' to ya," like my husband coming in while I'm nursing Ezra to say that the toilet is exploding.
From april 2011

And thanks for not laughing in my face when I marched my pajamaed, bra-less, crazy-eyed self right up to you and demanded to know what the heck you were doing. Thanks for waiting until I was out of ear shot.
From april 2011

Dear Spring, 

Thanks for coming back. Please stay awhile.
From april 2011
Dear Spencer, 

Thanks for making Ezra laugh at dinner. It was HILARIOUS watching him watch you eat.
From april 2011

Dear Husband, 

I apologize profusely for the soapy salad. See, the lettuce fell in the sink, and then the soap bottle fell on top of the lettuce. I really thought I rinsed it off well enough. But, the pork chops were delish, right?

Dear Oliver, 

I love you dearly but when you filled the bathroom sink with dirt today, I definitely felt like maybe your nap wasn't long enough.
From april 2011

Dear Henry, 

Don't ever let me catch you trying to jump out your bedroom window again. Got it?
From april 2011

Dear Monday, 

I am SO over you.

Dear Ezra, 

Wouldn't it be grand if you'd stay asleep for more than 20 minutes at a time? But good night, you're adorable!
From april 2011

Dear Sarah,

I'll put your package in the mail tomorrow.

Love to all,

P.S. Tomorrow will be better. I can FEEL IT!


Amber C said...

Wow! I would make the utility guy come and clean the bathroom. So gross! Soapy salad isn't fun but it is what it is and I'm sure your pork chops more than made up for it. Just add more balsamic vinegar or ranch (or whatever you guys add to your salads).
Your boys are cute! I know it's a never ending amount of chaos where you wonder where their minds were, but at least you can look back and laugh. I hope Tuesday is kinder to you. I think a lot of people had a Monday yesterday.

BEK said...

love the letters! Way to go at doing it all, even when it's hard.

Morgan -Ing said...

Amber, I absolutely tried to think of a way to demand it, but really, they were busy exploding toilets all day long.

Bek- Aw, thanks! I'll keep at it for now.

NatureGirl said...

That was just the most creative way to express yourself! I am pleased as punch to have shared in your life (even the frustrations of it) today...thanks for sharing!


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