Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And now for today

You guys may have noticed that yesterday was interesting, to say the least.

Apparently, cabbage has been the root of Ezra's complaint. (Sidenote, when I voiced this to my mother she said incredulously, "YOU GAVE HIM CABBAGE?!?" No, I did not give HIM cabbage, I gave ME cabbage, which after about 5 hours is LIKE giving HIM cabbage, see? You follow?)

So, no more cabbage. Too bad because I actually REALLY love that stuff. So my do my kids. Except Ez.

ANYWAY! So after I got my Mr. Fussy Britches to bed (for real, after several attempts) I was feeling the yearnings of a mother who simply wants to feed her OWN soul. You know the feeling, right?

Me too. Typically this involves ice cream, but as of late, I only have diet variety in my house. So I ate that.

Finally, I gave up and left Derek to work on his work until the wee hours of the morn and went to bed.

And then I stayed up until 12:30 finishing my book.

And my friends, I woke up today feeling a bit sleepy, but nothing I can't handle, and delighted with life.

Who knew that some tween lit could make one's heart so light?

Perhaps it's less about the quality of the book or activity but more about the sole (soul) fact that I did it with no one crying or snotting on me.

How I love being a mother! Everyday, glamorous it is not, but a blessing it is. Truly.

But for two late, luxurious hours, I read and read my silly little book, and loved every minute of it!

And my sweet babies are blessed with a mother who isn't nearly as snappish as she was yesterday.


Perhaps, one day, dear readers, I'll extol upon you all the virtues of tween lit, but for now, may I recommend a good book to feed your soul? Don't you think that sounds absolutely delightful? And I'm not even *that* tired today.

Friends, Tuesday has been awesome.


Chelsea said...

I like it. Taking time for YOU is a GREAT thing, no matter what the book or activity. That's the one thing I liked when I was watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. (Hear me out lol)... She would periodically (usually on Mother's Day or her birthday) go to the spa for a day and just get the whole works. It was really just a few hours with a babysitter at home or something, but she always said it made her a better mommmy. It refreshed her, and rejuvenated her enough to keep her from being burnt out. I think that is great advice for women in general.

Anna said...

I have a standard list of things I don't eat while nursing, a mad baby with a tummy ache isn't fun for anyone, so I feel for you. Glad you were able to figure it out and yes cabbage is on my list.


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