Friday, April 1, 2011

A confession on a Friday

My friend Jae sometimes does Friday confessionals. While I don't have nearly as much to confess a she does, I do want to confess one little thing.

See my header? See my cute "suns"?

I want to get those four little suns tattooed on my foot. I wouldn't do it with the pictures OBVIOUSLY! Don't be ridiculous.

I want them to be tiny of course along the top of my foot.

My friend Sara (she is CRAZY talented! If you want a header that is ALL YOU then I strongly suggest dropping her a line. Her prices are totally reasonable too!) designed the header and I have wanted a "sun" tattoo since Henry popped out. Now with FOUR sons, well, let's just say the desire hasn't lessened one tiny iota since then. She nailed the design and it's exactly what I could never quite find and certainly nothing I could do myself!

But. I won't get it. My daddy calls it vandalism.

While I don't actually for one second think that a tattoo is equivalent to eternal damnation, I still won't do it.

But please know that if I could, I would. Four tiny suns as seen above on the top of my right foot.


Four suns. With room for more.

What is your dream tattoo? I think everyone has one.


Emily said...

That swirly sun design would look quite nice in henna...

Hilary said...

I am not a tatoo dreamer.
I have seen far too many women get them and get pregnant and well... it just isn't pretty. ;)

Camille said...

When I was 18 I did get a tattoo. It's a cute little butterfly on my left shoulder blade. Then when I was 20 I got all good again and decided I didn't want that constant reminder of my wild days, so I had it removed by laser treatment. It was extremely painful, expensive, and it didn't work. So now I'm 27 and have this shadow of a butterfly, my little ghost. I've considered just getting the tattoo redone cuz if I'm gonna have it, it might as well look good, right? I probably never will though.

Brian and Kelsey said...

Inside of my foot 3 stars. But more than a tatoo, I have a desire to get my nose pierced. Just a little tiny stud.

Alice said...

I would have a very hard time picking a design. I like temporary henna because then I can keep re-doing it. I usually have a henna tattoo during the summer months! I am very partial to suns because of the symbolism of the highest degree of glory. That is where I want to be with my Creator when it is all said and done. Of course He also requests that I shouldn't get one, so I don't! :)

Chelsea said...

I'm really hoping to get a henna-style tattoo: a permanent tattoo that is done in the style of henna. I want to get it done as a "sleeve" on my left arm. I'd like it to incorporate lily-of-the-valley-type shapes and it would be a sort of commitment tattoo.

Sara Carlson ***Doula*** said...

I am not too much of a tattoo girl. However, when I was in middle school and still a member of the Lutheran church my Pastor suggested I become a tattoo artist after I showed up to his class with my arm covered in vines that I had drawn on during study hall. I think I am more of an eyebrow and ear piercer. However I have actually given a couple tattoos. I feel bad about that one... I hope I will not receive eternal damnation for that one.

Deila said...

well I have to admit that four sons (suns) would be cute. And very discreet too. But I too would not, too many have them now. And of course, trying to be faithful, tho as you say, it is not damnation.I've had the henna on my hand, that was fun.

Morgan -Ing said...

Emily- yes, it's definitely henna-inspired.

Hillary- I have seen some tramp stamps on my clients. While they are in labor, I'm all, "what did that USED to be???"

Camille- Oh that is toughie! I would be tempted to put it back too.

Kelsey- I like little studs too, but then I think of boogers and jewelery. I don't think they mix.

Alice- Exactly.

Chels- OOOH! Pretty!

Sara- WOW! You've GIVEN them? That's a wee bit awesome.

Delia- I love henna too. I think it's so pretty.

Jae said...

A maple leaf!! Oh how I want one. Lets go together, Morgs!

Alisha said...

I've never been a tattoo person myself. But I did pierce my navel during history class in social studies, I came to BYU with a tongue ring, a nose stud (tiny) and my upper ears pierced ... they quickly said get rid of it all or get out (and this was before the prophets, "not so much on the piercings" talk).

So, I would pierce ... but maybe, maybe, a vine going around my right ankle

Teri said...

Ha! What a fun idea for a post. A part of me has also always wanted a cool tat. I would have to get a crescent moon, on the back of my shoulder, because I secretly wish I were a witch :)

Amber C said...

I've always been into the celestial symbols of sun, moon, and stars so maybe a combination of those?
I like the idea of doing Henna. It'd be fun for a summer thing. A friend in Texas got a tattoo as a rebellious teenager of the sun and some clouds and I always liked it!

The Wolford Family said...

Well as you know I GREATLY desire a tatoo and always have
I would have the First Aid cross and a Treble Cleff in the middle with Any Dream WIll Do around it
But that's just off the top of my head!! HA HA HA!!!!!
The only issue is I can't figure out where to put it......

Morgan -Ing said...

Jae- OKAY!!!!

Alisha- I'm allergic my earring so I think piercing is out, sad.

Teri- HAHAH! I know you do! :)

Amber- How I wish I was a rebellious 27 year old... okay maybe not.

Sarah- I know. It would be awesome!


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