Thursday, April 14, 2011

Need a laugh?

Somehow, I have gotten the reputation in our ward for two things.

Are you ready for the two things?

1. Knowing a lot about eating healthy
2. Having a really clean house.


I might be a weight watchers fiend, and I might know how to control my CHAOS at home, but oh my goodness, ya'll I am still giggling about this.

Can I offer you a cheeseburger, or maybe throw the toys on the floor so you can have a seat on the couch?


It's just so very funny.
From april 2011
In other news, this is how I know I am raising boys. This little pile was carefully laid out by one of them (I'll let you guess whom) for tomorrow when bedtime rolled around. I found it after I put them to bed. I kind of love it.

In final news, we're off to VEGAS BABY! I am SO excited to see dear friends again. Vegas. Meh. Friends. YAY!

Have a great fabulous weekend!


Alisa said...

tee heee heee heee....Diet Coke and burgers. That is your main staple, right?!! ;)

Anne said...

I love the collection of "boy" stuff, so fun!


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