Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Today?

Lately, we've taken to eating at the Alter of Ezra. See, the thing is, he has this radar that demands he wake the moment food is set upon the table. I don't *mind* holding him while I eat, but when I'm alone with all the kids it makes getting food in everyone's bellies much more difficult.

My sister loaned us this bouncy seat that he frankly despises, but like I said, it gets the job done.

Enter the Alter of Ezra.
From March 2011
From March 2011
From March 2011
From March 2011
It usually lasts long enough for me to place food in front of everyone and shovel some semblance of a meal in my own face. If I chew fast. Last night's gourmet spread was popcorn and lean pockets. Be jealous.

(In my defense, LUNCH was chicken tortellini and roasted asparagus, so THERE!)

In other news, I saw this cute idea with window painting and wanted to do it on our big picture window, so I watered down some tempera paint and let the boys paint "flowers" on the window. Then I went nuts and painted a big sunshine and the word "Spring" on the window too. I made ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to paint the entire word backwards, see? 
From March 2011
From March 2011
It was super rainy yesterday so it was a fun activity. I was so proud. Then Derek came home. I said, "Did you see our window?"

"Yes," he said. "The 'g' is backwards!"

"WHAT? I WAS SO CAREFUL!" I lamented. I had been so careful, and not only that, I had taken PICTURES and not noticed.

So embarrassing.

I fixed it at 10:00 last night.
From March 2011
Much better.


In final news, I am choosing to not observe St. Patrick's Day. I just don't have the energy. Maybe next year I'll dye food green, but Ez has decided that nursing literally constantly all night is fun, so I'm a bit drained, literally and figuratively.

Peace out Peeps. 


Casey said...

Ha ha ha! You remind me of myself. I love the 'Yaaaaah' photo of bubby in the bouncer. And the backwards 'g' is classic!
(You can pretend you were writing it kid style...)

Claudia said...

Hi there! Thanks for the visit! I see you got your hands full so 'g' backwards it's not that bad! Greetings from Hemet, CA

melissa joanne said...

Too funny - whatever works, right? I'm impressed that you manage to prepare dinner at all, much less serve and eat it while alone with 4 children! I have a hard enough time getting food in my own and ONE child's belly! You're an inspiration ;)

Marvett Smith said...

The window painting looks like so much fun. I might have to try this!

Valerie said...

You do what you have to do to eat and shower when you are a mom!! It looks like your children like it. :)

Living the Scream said...

Love the pictures! That is so funny. I totally relate with the eating fast part. When my husband and I are out without the kid's I catch myself still eating fast and have to slow myself down because I am so used to eating that way! lol

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the altar of Ezra! And your window paintings are seriously awesome. I'm going to show them to the kiddos and see if they too would like to welcome spring ING-style. :)

Katy B. said...

I love your adventurous family life! And yes, I consider lean pockets and popcorn at dinnertime, painting on house windows, and putting your baby on an alter.....very adventurous! :)

You crack me up! :):):)

The Schneiders said...

I love the Alter of Ezra, you do what you have to do when you have little ones! The time really does go by so fast, enjoy every moment of it (even the really frustrating, exhausting parts).

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Annie said...

Keeping the baby on the table during meals not only entertains said baby, but keeps the other kids entertained as well. We did the same thing.

Thanks for stopping by my little ol' blog. I've never seen emergency kits at Costco. Maybe only in Utah? Or did you order them online?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! The Alter of Ezra is funny and very similar to the way we get by at dinner time around here too.

Morgan -Ing said...

Casey- I'm a genius, what can I say? Too bad none of my kids can write yet. So I can't even blame them!

Claudia- Thanks for the visit. I do have my hands full. It's too much fun though!

Melissa- I know. I remember when I just had one, I did wonder how people survived multiple children!

Marvett- It was! I just put down an old sheet to protect my floors. The kids loved it.

Valerie- That reminds me. I should go shower.

LTS- When husband and I go on a date, I have to consciously slow down!

TDD- Make sure to spell "Spring" correctly. ;)

Katy- You are welcome to come play and see the "adventure" first hand. :)

Schneiders- I know! Even just having Henry be FIVE blows my mind a little. :)

Annie- We bought ours at Costco on line.

Deepblue- You know it! We do what we gotta do.

Roxie said...

We used to paint our big front window with Christmas scenes every year when I was growing up. It was part of our count down. One thing each night starting roughly around Thanksgiving.


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