Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This N That Wednesday

Oh, it is Wednesday. HO-HUM are Wednesdays don't you think?

Me thinks. 

Today for school, Henry and Spencer and I created a very fantastically complicated science project. 
It entailed a bucket of water and a pile of stuff. We played, "Will it Float?" 

It.was.a.blast. If you wish to entertain small children, then I highly recommend. We talked about buoyancy and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Annnndddd, after my declaration of incredible loss-of-weight, today is rainy. WHY, when it is rainy, do I desire to bake sugary things and devour them? I don't understand it. It makes for a long day when all I want to do is mix sugar and other things with some eggs and flour and then lick the spoon. It makes for an even longer day when Husband has gone off to work and my healthy-eating-partner is no where to be found. Here I am, surrounded by ingredients and recipes, and three little helpers who have never met a cookie they didn't like, and it's raining and I can't send them outside and away. 


Why is it so hard to be good? 

I'm probably going to make cookies. I'm just sayin'. 

We booked our hotel accommodations for our BIG EXCITING TRIP TO LAS VEGAS!

I KNOW! I realize that most people who are LDS and the parents to four small children (who are coming along) would have no reason to be excited about Vegas, but most people didn't live there for nearly two years and had to leave behind dear, loved friends, whom I can't wait to see!  It's been nearly a YEAR since we moved, a truth which blows my mind a little bit.


We're staying at an off-strip RESORT. Because, really, who in their right, non-gambling mind wants to stay on the strip? Not I, said the fly. It's a two-story room, and the resort has three pools. I feel rich. And famous. And rich!

I am SO excited. Not to mention that I am planning on eating at every single one of my favorite restaurants and will only worry a bit that I've gained 9 pounds when I get home. 


And finally, I'm here today, discussing parenting books. Shoot on over and share your live-and-die-by titles. :) 


Lori said...

Rainy days make me want to bake cookies too. So do sunny days. And hazy days. Morgan, I ALWAYS want to bake cookies. Especially when i'm trying to be good and lose a few (or 15). I battle this every single day. You better call me when you get to Vegas so we can come down and say a quick hello and then let you get back to your rich and famous resort. xo!

BloggingBills said...

rainy days make me want cocoa and toast, which, sadly i had for dinner.

TJDKG said...

WAIT whenare you coming? i want to play and play some more and well play some more please????

Morgan -Ing said...

Lori- OF COURSE! I'll let you know.

Mom- Me too.

Jauna- I'll call you.


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