Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Being a Theater Major means I can't do MATH!

We took the kids on down to Provo the other day. It was necessary as Derek had been invited to attend a career day at a high school there. Well, okay, DEREK's presence was necessary, ours were simply a bonus. After career day and a delicious lunch, we headed up to B-to the-Y-to the-U. We had tickets to an art exhibit and wanted to show the kids around Mom and Dad's old stomping grounds.

The kids were generally unimpressed, but the nostalgia of wandering the Nelke Theater was just too much for this mama. "KIDS!" I pointed out with a thrill, "This is the ROOM where Mom and Dad met!"

The idea that there was a time before THEY existed is nearly impossible for our littles to grasp. The sheer possibility that there was a time before Mom and Dad existed as "Mom and Dad" doesn't exactly click with them, ya know?

It seems so long ago it barely clicks with me! I was saying (as I danced around on stage in the theater) that it'd been FIVE LONG YEARS since we graduated.

Derek had to correct my math. "We graduated in '04."

"Yes, five years ago!" I said.

"No. Seven."

I employed my fingers. Henry is five, going on six. He was born at the END of 2005. Good grief. It's been seven years.

Wandering the Harris Fine Arts Center and seeing those little arts majors (who look downright YOUNG) just filled me with... I don't know, not longing... more just sweet sweet memories. College was more fun than I could have hoped. I was a little, idealistic, happy theater major all those years ago...

I texted Maren, my room mate from our pre-wedded days, and who is still one of my dearest friends in the world, "In Provo today! Remember when..." and of course, she did remember. I knew she would. :)

Was it really seven years ago?

It was, and so many beautiful things, people and experiences have filled those seven years that I barely even noticed.


McEuens said...


Morgan -Ing said...

Maren- I know, right? And I'm glad you're back up and running. :)

Alisa said...

yeah...ran down to the Nelke right before Christmas, too. No one was there to share the moment with me. But I stared at the message board for old time's sake. And yes, they DO look A LOT younger than I ever thought they would!!!

Morgan -Ing said...

Alisa- they looked tiny!!!! Such great times. Many of them included you. :)

heather said...

follow -Ing!

Yasmine said...

Henry, I remember your mom and dad before you existed....they were weird theatre geeks like me. And we all lived in the nelke theater and lived for improv class. Good times, good times.


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