Monday, February 28, 2011

It starts...

The scene: After the world's longest sacrament meeting in the history of the world.
The characters: Henry, Mommy and Caroline. 
(Walking out of the meeting, gesturing toward a pretty little girl) 

Henry: Mommy! Her has RED hair. Her name is Caroline. (He smiles shyly at her.)
Mommy: Wha?? Oh, yes. Is she in your class?
Henry: Yes! Her has RED hair!
Caroline: (coming over) Hey, Hen!

(YES, she called him "Hen!" Apparently, it's a nickname?!?)
And they exit, each hopping (like little rabbits) all the way to class, together.

He's too YOUNG for this. I'm too young for this. Heaven help us. Heaven help us all.


Chelsea said...

Reading this put the BIGGEST grin on my face! Kayla will be THRILLED at her red hair. :)

Erin said...

"Her has red hair" You must start watching Charlie Brown specials with him.:-)Most amusing child ever. :-) Good luck with the prom...what if there isn't a little red-headed girl available?

Morgan -Ing said...

He's usually all about the blondes (like his DAD!) but something about her sweet face and fire-red gorgeous-ness just wooed him I guess. :)


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