Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Being the Mother to a New Baby is Like Being a Newlywed.

Why being the mother to a new baby is like being a newlywed:

1. Everything they do is adorable.
2. They can annoy you quickly because you're still getting to know one another. You forgive them just as quickly.
3. You are THRILLED to see them. Even if you were only gone for 15 minutes.
4. They have ultimate and complete trust in you.
5. They want to cuddle.
6. They want to just spend time with you.
7. You watch them sleep.
8. They laugh at the dumb things you say.
9. You miss them when you're away.
10. Your husband feels exactly the same way!

There ya go. Why being a mother to a new baby is like being a newlywed.

You're welcome.


manhattandoula said...

Oh, man, you didn't include the one about how they both really like your breasts.

Morgan -Ing said...

HOW did I forget to include the breast-loving! You are SO right. We need a #11!!!!

Stacy said...

#12: skin to skin. Enough said.

Alisa said...

bingo! And hahaha to the breastloving comment...!

Yasmine said...

So So true.

Morgan -Ing said...

Mmm- Stacy, yes. I concur with #12.

Alisa- I know! I can't believe I left that off!

Yaz- I know you're loving it right now too!!!


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