Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Which I Pick Up a Chick

So, yesterday we went on an epic grocery shopping trip. Two stores and a bazillion dollars later, our kids were FRIED. It was late afternoon, it was cold outside and everyone was DONE.

Rather than go home, we decided we ( "we" is the parents) needed Diet Coke. There is a Burger King Play Place right there in the very same parking lot. Ever since we discovered that my kids like the BK play place, it's been our go-to place for cold winter afternoons.

It was nice to let them run off their Walmart//Sams Club frustration.

Spencer wore his Batman costume.

(This information is indeed vital to the story. Hang in there, friend!)

About thirty minutes into our visit, I was kinda over the whole thing and about ready to go. We had been the only ones there and so they were fighting with each other, blah blah blah.

But suddenly! A miracle!

A mom and three little boys in tow showed up-- a 5 year old, a three year old DRESSED AS IRON MAN and little 18 month old. Immediately my children had made best friends. Batman and Ironman went off to save the world, the five year olds started a game of tag and the babies just kind of followed each other around.

We stayed for 30 more minutes, in which time everyone got along swimmingly. The other kids' mom was desperately trying to work on her laptop and still manage to keep all her kids alive, while Derek did the same, and I fed Ezra.


When we left, I sat in the car and confessed to Derek, "I kind of wished I had gotten her number. I mean, it was PERFECT! Three boys all the same ages!"

So, Derek suggested I head on back in and get it.

I hemmed and hawed and finally went in.

I felt REALLY stupid.

I said to her, "This is going to sound SO weird, but do you play here often?"

HA! I am the best pick-up-line-deliver-er ever!

Some pleasantries were exchanged and next thing you know I GOT HER NUMBER!

Guys, it was a mom-date!

Crazy, right?

I was SO nervous!

And now, I wonder, how long do I wait to call?

I mean, I don't want to seem like a stalker or anything...


Lori said...

Play it cool Morgan, you don't want to rush this. I say wait a solid 3 days before calling ... maybe 2 ... or you could just wait 24 hours, that's what I would do. Then when you DO talk to her, you act real casual, like it's not just FREAKING AWESOME THAT SHE FREQUENTS THE BURGER KING PLAY PLACE AND HAS KIDS THE SAME AGE!!! =)

Yasmine said...

Give her some space. You don't want to end up with the whole "it's not you it's me" line. =)

Just kidding. I'm sure she was just as thrilled to meet you, I mean who wouldn't be?

Chelsea said...

The excitement is probably mutual. I wouldn't wait more than a couple of days. Try to make plans for this weekend if you can, or maybe invite them to story time at the local library with promise of chicken nuggets after. I hear moms love that sort of thing.

This sounds like a match made in little kid Heaven (aka: BK Play Place).

Morgan -Ing said...

Lori- I know! I gotta keep it cool!

Yaz- I'm sure. Right?

Chelsea- Good plan. I asked Derek and he was like, "You're right! You don't want to be a stalker!"

Dating is hard.

Alisa said... crack me up!!!


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