Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bald is Beautiful?

Maybe I have mentioned this before, but boy oh boy do I dislike the post-partum-y stuff that happens after you have a baby.

And this week has begun that which is the WORST! You'd think having a 2 month old, I'd be all good, right?


My hair is now falling out at alarming and rapid rates.

See, during pregnancy my locks are full, thick, curly as always and basically, fantastic. I won't lie.

But two months after I pop out the newest of the crew my body catches up with me and says, "No more! Too bad, so sad!"

And next thing I know, my dearest partner in life is buying Drano in gallon sized jugs, because, Dude, I am clogging up drains everywhere!

The saddest thing is how grossed out my kids are. See, we have no master bath. (Oh, sweet master bath, how I miss thee!) So, we ALL share the same bathroom frequently. Tonight, Spencer was just straight up horrified because a long brown hair had affixed itself to his toothbrush.

Sorry bud.

Then, Oliver takes great please in handing me "hairhairhairhair!" when it sticks to him in the bath.

I DO try to clean out the drain and bath when I use it, but I can't catch every single one.

Wait, I take it back, the SADDEST part of all this how freaking bald I'll be before it's done.

Very, that's how. I can see the hair that fell out after Oliver and then grew back in, and it's so sad, cuz it's about to get sent packing again.

Just call me Morgan the bald-headed clown.

Cuz it's a freak show around here, people. A regular freak show.


Stacy said...

Mine starts falling out at 4 months. So not a fun stage. Not looking forward to it.

Morgan -Ing said...

Oh, yours waits a bit! I can't decide if that's better or worse...

Lori said...

Been there, done that. Morgan, you're gonna look HOT when you're bald. You just have to trust me. Mine falls out until I stop nursing ... and I'm still nursing, and last night I think I counted a total of 50 hairs on my head, give or take. It's crap, that's what it is.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh man, am I behind on the times or what!!

Congrats on the new baby! And I totally understand the hair thing.

Every time my husband finds some of mine he always shouts out, "Oh wow! Look at the size of that wookie!"

So sweet. :D

Nikki said...

I start to lose around 3 months post-partum-- which is right now. Fortunately I have VERY thick hair- so you can't tell so much looking at me that I've lost so much. But I HATE how the shower looks when I'm done. Like some crazy furrball was in there and left her remains. My doctors have even been concerned. After three of my babies they ordered Thyroid tests. It was all normal. sadly.

Morgan -Ing said...

Serene- It's okay to be behind. That is how I find myself on MOST days. And congrats on your pregnancy! You're almost done... kind of! :)

Nikki- Wow! That is extreme! I just happily shed until about 6 months post-partum. NOT cool!


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