Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Confession (this is becoming a habit!)

Oh my.

So, our TV is kind of dying. I mean, it WORKS most days, but it's an old monster, who seems to have lamp issues.

It has brought us much enjoyment over the last eight years.

But still. It's time here on earth is coming to a close.

And while I don't want to be cheating on my still-alive TV, thanks to our TAX REFUND, I've given the "go-ahead" to Mr. D to shop for a new one, with a strict budget.

I'm mean that way.

See, I love me some good granola-living. Homemade, yes please, home birth, of course, home school, NATURALLY. Organic, well.. yeah, sure.

Dude, if I could live on a freaking compound and farm my life away, I would. Well, at least you might convince me to try it.

So, um, why do I love me my black box?

We do not have cable. Or Dish.

I literally LITERALLY watch three shows. Maybe four if I'm super bored.

I limit my children's indulgence. I'm somewhat hardcore about what they watch.

Honestly, with our computer access, we could TOTALLY survive without a television. Hulu and all that.

So why am I so addicted to the actual BEING of a TELEVISION in my home? Is it that my mantle is crying out for a flat screen to hang above it?

Is it so I can be like everyone else?

Is it because the picture is SO much better?

Why? I wonder.

I mean, I'm all excited about it! I'm worried about our poor new TV getting smashed by renegade toys.


There, I said it.

Phew. Confessing is good for the soul.


Amber C said...

So glad you feel better! We had to get a new TV last year due to our old one (10 yrs old) started being a green colored screen. Kids didn't like watch Blues Clues when she's green. Instead of buying a flat screen we actually got one that my MIL had sitting her garage. I was so very nervous, like you, about having a fancy shmancy TV in the kids' play room.
We have satellite now, but we're getting rid of it in September when our contract is up. My kids (and lots of times us)usually watch DVDs or Netflix/Hulu anyways. What's the point in paying big bucks for 100 channels with nothing on any of them. I mean, I'll miss some HGTV shows, and Mike and Molly, and Wipeout, but that's about it! Good luck on your TV hunt, I hope D sticks to your budget!

Morgan -Ing said...

Yeah, we could easily get a cheap replacement: craigslist, DI, etc. But in this case, it's important to my man, and me, so we'll just bite the bullet. I have declared that this one must last 10 years. And Mike and Molly and Wipeout should be on Hulu. :)

TJDKG said...

We were this close >< to buying a new tv when we got our couches.. yes we told them yes then no then yes then no just do the couches... for the TV and a big storage ottoman that I'm still in love with it would have been an extra $500.... i kind of wish we would have but our TV works its not broken just old huge and HEAVY and broke our entertainment center so we cant have any kind of cute entertainment/media console until said tv is trashed... ::sigh:: we were really concerned about the kids trashing a new TV and decided to hold off until we are in a house.

ps I didnt tell you we got new couches did I? and like brand new new not craigslist new.. and we got a freakin amazing deal the sofa was 499, loveseat 469.. we got the set for $500!!!! LOVE.

and ps mike and molly i couldnt find on hulu and WHAT is up with hulu + idiots. and i really want to talk to you.. maybe i'll send you a message.

Alice said...

DO it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it. Your life will be greatly enriched. I really think your idea of hanging it is good. Maybe come up with a hard cover to make sure no flying objects get to it.

Morgan -Ing said...

Jauna- Yay for new couches! I hadn't heard. I haven't talked to you since before Christmas!!!

Alice- Oh Derek has grand "build a box" plans. :)


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