Friday, February 4, 2011

More Blackmail

My poor sweet Henry. Oh how he'll hate me for putting this on the internet for ALL the WORLD to READ forever!

Tonight, we were having dinner with my family (some of them were not present) at a fantastic restaurant that I wish I lived at.


My sister was making a bottle for her little-itty-bitty, and Henry got all hot and bothered.

"No! NO! You have to NURSE him!!" demanded my five-year-old. "That's what mommies do!" He was very determined.

"Well," said my ever-patient sister. "Some mommies do, but mine are broken!" she said. It's true. She's not lying. Oh the pain that girl endured...


Henry wasn't buying this story. "NO! You still have breast-es!"

Guys, he said it REALLY loud. Like almost shouting.

And we all began to laugh and laugh and laugh until we cried.

The End.


Sara Carlson ***Doula*** said...

LOL! That totally reminds me of Orion's sudden facination that he came out of my V-hoo hoo (only he says the actual word). And sharing that fact with the rest of the world. Sacrament meeting during the prayer was my favorite... :/

Carolyn said...

HAHAHAHAH!! That's hilarious.

Chelsea said...

LOVE this story!!! LOVE it!!!

Morgan -Ing said...

Sara- HAHAH! Yes, we use "correct" terms here and my kids have no concept of embarrassment. HAHAH! It's awesome.

Carolyn- I know. He's just so unintentionally funny.

Chelsea- Me too. :)


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