Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am the Best Wife EVER!

Just in case you were wondering.

So, today, in a snow storm we were out and about looking for a very specific something: Tart Cherry Juice to be exact. It was 100% necessary otherwise I wouldn't be going out in a snow storm.

Unfortunately, nowhere in our entire city seemed to carry it. So, we headed to a neighboring town and FINALLY found it. By then the children were sick to death of being in the car and begging for some freedom. And look-y there, a McDonald's with a play place. We *might* have spent two hours there, waiting out the storm.

About an hour into our little visit, I realized that Oliver was in cloth diaper, and had been for about three hours. This is severely pushing the capabilities of a cloth diaper. I didn't HAVE any other diapers with me. (I wasn't planning on being gone all freaking morning!)

I had Ez in the sling, so I just instructed Derek to check and see HOW wet he was. There was a Wal-mart right across the street. If he was soaked I would simply send Derek over to grab a small pack of disposables. NO BIG DEAL.

Well, Derek wasn't really sure the best way to discreetly see HOW wet a cloth diaper is. Truthfully, it is usually I who checks and instructs if a change is warranted. But I didn't feel like bending over. Ezra was dead asleep in the sling, and Derek was right there, ready to be helpful.

"Just stick a finger in the BACK of his diaper. If it's wet that means the whole diaper is soaked and he needs a change. If it's dry, then he can make it home," I command.

Derek, being the ever fantastic husband, did exactly as I instructed.

And quickly, a look of utter horror washed over his face.

"Oh, oops. Is he poopy? I forgot about that possibility!" I said nonchalantly.

And indeed, proof of the state of Oliver's diaper on Derek's fingers. Yes, plural. Like I said, Oops. Neither one of us had entertained a poopy possibility.

I had sent my poor husband on a suicide mission.

I am the best wife EVER! And Derek went and washed his hands and went off to the Walmart across the street. He bought a LARGE box of disposable diapers to store in the car.

I should have just done that in the first place. Or maybe actually BRING a diaper along with me.

Man, I am awesome.


Amber C said...

CLASSIC! I love it! Poor Derek! I think poopy hands are a right of passage for all parents (sometimes over and over again).

Valerie said...

Oh no!!!! Bet he won't forget that one too quickly.

Stacy said...

You are awesome! I think if that happened in my family that my husband would never change a diaper again! (And I'm still working on an email reply to you, but I haven't had a moment in two straight days without a little person clinging to me in one form or another... I'm sure you can relate!)

Morgan -Ing said...

@Amber- This is definitely NOT the first poopy hand for Derek. Just the first time I CAUSED it. HAHAH!

@Valerie- No, I bet I won't convince him to go near Oliver's bum for weeks.

@Stacy- I can of course relate! At this moment, Oliver is sitting on me and shoving books in my face saying, "READ!" So I better go do that. :)

Alice said...

I love that you are a down to earth kind of a mom. Those perfect moms with non-poo stories are sad and idioms are for the birds!

annie valentine said...

My girlfriend is doing cloth for the first time with her fourth. She loves it, but I like my diapers to last a good eight hours and then disappear forever...

Morgan -Ing said...

Alice- You know my children. I have no choice but to be down to earth. I'd die otherwise.

Annie- I don't blame you. Today, after swishing Oliver's 6th poopy diaper in the toilet, I did consider giving up the entire institution. :)

nk-aquarius said...

The best wife EVER!

BEK said...

Funny Funny.

I actually had a dream about you and your family the other day. It is you were on the doctor phil show, and cameras were following you around throughout your day, and you were instructing on how to be a good mom. It was cool... I woke up thinking, I hate that show, but I'd watch that episode.

Morgan -Ing said...

Nk- I KNOW! :)



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