Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Get Organized--Papers Edition

Okay, so I have this...erm...problem. See, when papers come into our home, I tend to just stash them somewhere "out of the way", be that the top of the fridge, behind the bread box, in a pile on top of the entertainment center... you get the idea.

In fact, I asked Derek the other day, "Don't you just love that my current organizational system is 'stick it up high somewhere so no one can get to it?'" And indeed, he said he did love it.

I do not, however. It was starting to make me crazy. So, over the course of two days, (yes because it takes me two days to do anything lately) I collected all my stashes of paper and  other office-type items in a box.
From January 2011
Then I bought a big binder and a three-hole-punch (I really thought we had one... but my organizational skills... well, you get the idea.)

And VIOLA! An organized office space. It's GREAT! See?
From January 2011
From January 2011
The tabs are:

And now when a paper comes in, if it's important, it goes STRAIGHT in the binder. This is especially important because we are collecting W2s this time of year. SEVEN W2s to be exact. RIDICULOUS. 

Now, I feel all organized and happy. I know where important papers are, rather than having to call places and ask for NEW phone bills (which I have totally had to do before!). 

I am quite proud of my little binder. The key, I think is going to be MAINTAINING it. 


In other news, Oliver has taken to calling "pineapples" "bubble-pines." HAHAHAHAH!


Lori said...

Congratulations on the organization! I myself am a "stasher" of papers ... so I'm sitting back and marveling at what you've done here. I do however think you're missing a tab called "shizzel" ... that's where I would put 90% of our papers. Please consider adding this. =)

Morgan -Ing said...

Seriously, it took a TON of brain power to divide all the shizzle into actual working tabs. SERIOUSLY. Painful.


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