Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday is Picture Day!

Guys, I seriously suck at this whole "picture taking thing." A friend on facebook celebrated the birth of their first child a week or so ago, and since then has been posting oh, 187 pictures of her every microexpression. (She's a week old, there's not a whole lot going on, ya know?) But she's gorgeous and it made me smile.

"Derek," I say to Derek. "Remember when Henry was new and we took a million pictures every second?"

"Yes." He says without looking up.

"Maybe I should try to take a picture of Ezra every week or so, whaddayathink?" I throw out.

"Isn't Alice doing that for us?" He asks.

"Oh, yeah. So, we're good!" I am relieved.

I love Ezra's every microexpression just as much as I loved Henry's and Spencer's and Oliver's, but good gravy, where the flip is the camera? And Oliver, DO NOT COLOR THE COUCH! Oh, wait, that was HENRY! And Spencer please find a handkerchief and take care of your nose, it's DISGUSTING!

See? Pictures are lovely and I love them. But... well. Yeah. I do snap a few when it's truly PHOTO-WORTHY (and I can locate or remember the camera) but I am struggling otherwise. Seriously, for our Christmas-festivities? The pictures I posted are the only ones I took. I stink.

So, in an effort to be a good mother, I documented about 35 seconds this week. READY?

From January 2011
Well, here is Ezra.
From January 2011
And here is Ezra looking seriously freaked out by Spencer.
From January 2011
And here is Ezra getting loved by 2 outta 3 brothers.
From January 2011
AHHH! Smiles caught on camera.
From January 2011
Never mind, Oliver stepped on him.
From January 2011
Nope, we're okay. (see the SHOE in the background, yeah, that's Oliver's foot!)
From January 2011
The stander-on-er.

Aren't you glad I don't do this frequently?

Happy Weekending everyone. 


BEK said...

Love it, made me laugh out loud. I look forward to future documentation as well... but no pressure.

Ken and Jen said...

If you are anything like me,you will take the pictures today, then misplace the camera, then take more in 2 weeks. And then never actually have any printed. :o) I mean well! They are so cute!

Morgan -Ing said...

Bek- Yeah, don't count on it. ;)

Jen- I haven't printed a single picture since SPENCER was a baby! All our "framed" baby pics are of Henry and Spencer. TERRIBLE!


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