Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5th...

Happy January 5th! It's a lovely day today! It's butt-cold outside, and it's Ezra's 1 month birthday!

For the last month, Ezra has spent 95% of his time here:
From January 2011
Seriously, and the other 5%  in the arms of someone who loves him. It's been a VERY VERY good month. He's been laid down, in his bed, for, if I had to guess for, maybe 12 hours of his cute little life...

Have you ever had the privilege of snuggling a newborn baby nearly non-stop for a full month??? I very seriously suggest you give it a whirl sometime. Just borrow one if you don't want to have your own. It is SOUL-CANDY! (I am coining that term...)

I've been trying (and failing, super fantastically) this last month to carry a calm, happy, soothing vibe, not just for Mr. Ez, but for the other three monkeys I call my own. Early mornings are especially challenging for me to maintain this, but at the times that I am succeeding, we have had some really lovely family time. 

The saying, "When the momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" could not be more true. And so, I've smiled, and hugged and yelled, and then tried again. The big boys have painted, played, built, and eaten right along side of me and their tiniest brother all day long, with a very VERY busy daddy thrown into the mix every moment he can manage.

Can I just say it's been WONDERFUL??? The hard days are always hard, but truly this transition from three to four has been mostly easy and extremely smooth, and such a blessing. 

I remember, before Spencer was born, lamenting the whole issue of adding a sibling means less time for the oldest, blah blah blah. How silly of me! Now, four kids in, I am thankful for a gaggle of brothers to talk to each other, play with each other, pound on each other and just love the crap out of each other. Ezra is a seriously lucky kid. Every baby should be so loved. 

I know we'll have days when we think "FOUR? Were we nuts?" but right now, as he snoozes (and is stinky) right here in the wrap, next to my heart, I am SO thankful for four. We didn't it plan him this way, not at all, but good gravy, God knows better than we do what we need, and WHEN we need it. 

Happy One Month, Ezra Lee! We're all so glad you're here!


Anonymous said...

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Lori said...

"Nice Blog pleas visit min to at" ... ha!!! Just kidding. You gotta love the anonymous comment that comes out of left field, for which blogging is made so much more interesting. Morgan Hagey, I miss you like crazy ... and had to put in my two cents that over-holding your baby is pure bliss, I agree. I'm so glad you are doing so ... it makes me smile, for both you AND little Ez, inside and out! I love you guys!

Dixie Mom said...

Awww..Happy One Month to Ezra! He looks nice and warm.
Found you through MMB this morning.

ailinh harris said...

Happy one month Ezra! Snuggling with a baby is the greatest, especially when they still have that newborn smell and everything newbie about them, too. Love it.

Hilary said...

That month sure is sweet. And hard. :)

Anne said...

How sweet! Congrats on your fourth :)
(from MMB)

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks for the month-birthday wishes. @Hillary, you're right, it is great AND hard.
@Lori- Love you tons and miss you.
@Dixie Mom- Thanks for stopping by!
@Ailinh, I saw your blog. It's VERY cool.
@Anne- Thanks!


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