Friday, January 7, 2011

Once More, With Feeling!

From January 2011
Please ignore the bodacious tatas in this picture. There's just no helping it these days...

So, remember my necklace made by Henry? Well, thanks to mastitis (OUCH!) I was totally down and out for the count yesterday. So, since I was "SO SO SO sick!" Henry made me a new one.

And he's improving. He made this one "Long enough to get off, so you don't have to cut it!" and he used a chesnut and he painted it. Then he covered up the paint with duct tape. He was sad about that tidbit. But regardless, his Etsy store is slowly becoming a reality. :)

And thank goodness for 1. Echinacea 2. Vitamin C 3. Sleep and 4. A willing baby to NURSE like it's going out of style, I am feeling 80% better. YAY! But still, I do not recommend the condition, as a rule. After being out of commission for ONE DAY my house looks like a tornado went through it. Luckily, it's a small house.

Happy Weekend ya'll.


BloggingBills said...

baby, i am so sorry! i've been there and done that and it's no bueno!
feel better!

Lori said...

I have not yet experienced the agony that is mastitis ... I have heard that it is nothing short of a nightmare though, and I am so sorry to hear that you had/have it. Henry's necklace is top notch ... please do let me know when his Etsy shop is up and running so I can place my order.

P.S. Your tatas look fantastic! Nurse on my friend. Mine look like saggy water balloons, and there's not a necklace in this word that could lend them a hand at this point. =(

Mandy and Chris said...

oh noooo, I'm so sorry about the mastitis! I have had it three times now with Cole - I can't imagine have 3 more kids while feeling so icky! Hope you are feeling 100% soon!

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks everyone. I am all better now. But it was the PITS, let me tell you. I do not recommend it at all.


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