Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby, it's COLD inside!

I am at MMB today too. Check me out!

This morning it was COLD. I mean, like way too cold in my house for what is healthy. The furnace wasn't working. NOT a good thing in December, in Utah. COLD. It seemed that the fan wouldn't STOP blowing but it was blowing cold air. Did I mention it was cold?

Did I mention that it was 4am when I realized it?

And did I mention that this was SECOND night in a row that this had happened? The night before last the same exact thing happened. I was awake and feeding a wee one, when I realized his hands were FREAKING FREEZING! No heat. Derek got up, restarted the whole shebang, and heat returned. But, then later that day, we had NO HOT WATER. Turns out the pilot light on the water heater had gone out!? How, no one knows. Derek, being a superhero, also fixed that little snafu.

Have I mentioned that we still have a water leak?


Anyway, that was two days ago.

So, this morning, at 4am, rather than wake the husband, I went about, fetching space heaters and secured warmth for sleeping bodies.

Moments (okay an hour) later, Spencer showed up and snuggled in, and proceeded to cough on the two of us for an hour before I finally excused him to the basement where it was very cold, but there were toys. He went happily away. Soon everyone else was awake and COLD, so Derek set out to find the air filter for the furnace (who knew it could be so very very hard to find??) in the hopes that it was just dirty and needed a good cleaning,  and I decided a hot breakfast was the only option.

Derek did indeed find the air filter and give it a good vacuum. But, despite his best efforts, the heat would NOT return and the fan continued to blow cold air.

So, we went grocery shopping.

When we got home, it was warm, toasty even. Heat was back! Why, no one knows. But it was comfortable to be in our house once again. It was a miracle.

 Then, gradually, I started to notice that it was a bit TOO warm. No matter, who needs a sweater?

Finally, as I began to sweat, it occurred to me to check the thermostat.

It was set to 90 degrees.


In attempts to muscle the furnace into producing heat, Derek had turned the thermostat as high as it would go, and since the heat HADN'T been working, he didn't return it to it's normal place at 65. (It's ALWAYS chilly at my house... sorry!)

All is well now, no more sweating, and as far as we can ascertain, the heat is on!

So tonight, please pray that we do not freeze. Let us hope that our furnace does NOT take the evening off as it has the last two nights. Send warm thoughts our way, will you? Because do you know how HARD it is to get out of bed when it is 49 degrees in your house? Darn near impossible, I say!

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Alisa said...

90 degrees! Sooo funny!

And I know what you mean about real/maternity clothes. Maternity has permanently snuck in. Is it truly maternity if it still looks good and fits when you're not preggo? :)


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