Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Puttin' On My Big Girl Pants

I love being an adult. I mean, I get to do anything I want...

On the downside, I have to do a whole lot I don't want to do.

Today, on my list, were a few things that I didn't really want to do.

1. Go out to the garage and find the baby blessing outfit.
2. Go out in the garage and find my box of "regular" clothes.
3. Sort through said box and swap out clothes, no more maternity!
4. Cut out all dairy.

See? A busy day for sure.

But I prevailed. I hoisted up my grown-up-big-girl pants and went on outside, to the cold, scary garage (with the help of the husband!) and found the blessing outfit post-haste AND my clothes box. Then I sorted it all out. SO well-behaved, am I.

However, it proves difficult to GET outside in the freezing-ness when a small, helpless three-week-old won't let you lay him down, even for a bathroom break. No matter.

From December 2010

Oh yes, he's in there. See?
From December 2010
Snug as a bug he was. Snug as a bug!

And then there was the matter of sorting my "real" clothes from my "pregnant" clothes. Turns out, it's all the same. My "real" clothes ARE my "maternity" clothes. I am not sure when/how THAT sad little truth occurred. Made for a quick sort and swap. So, that wasn't so bad. 

Finally, cutting out dairy. The Zantac seems to be helping a bit with the reflux, but I'm still getting puked on way more in a day than I would like. Ezra hasn't gained any weight in almost two weeks. NOT GOOD when your baby is three weeks old. So, bye-bye dairy. 

I can live with soy cheese, but oh my, I already miss chocolate. A lot. It's been half a day. 

But I am wearing my big-girl pants today. I can and will prevail. 

There's no milk in Diet Coke right?


Pomegranate Queen said...

if you go to a health food store you can get No-Dairy Candy bars, cookies, what ever your little heart desires. The alternative Baking Company has a pretty good selection of cookies. My Favorite is the Chocolate Fudge. YUM! :)

Cute pics by the way. :P

Emily said...

We've been dairy free over a year now due to Morgan's allergy. (I do now sometimes eat it when we're out and stuff because I am making very little milk due to pregnancy anyway, but still. Almost completely dairy free.) We also don't do soy because I worry about the effects of too much processed soy. So. If you need any tips or have any questions, talk to me. I cried for a couple hours, whined for a long long time, but now it's basically just normal. :)

Emily said...

Oh, and I was going to say, unless you don't like dark chocolate you've got plenty of options. I actually just eat the Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate chips straight out of the bag... (and on the soy, we don't actually have none, I just don't use soy substitutes. Almond milk tastes infinitely better I think anyway)

Morgan -Ing said...

Emily- yeah, I'll email you. I do NOT like soy either actually (for health and general world-welfare reasons). And Oliver is lactose intolerant so we've used Lactose-free milk (ala Lactaid) for him since April, so I'm not using soy milk anyway, but for cheese and stuff, I'm not really sure what to do! Anyway, I'll facebook ya. :)


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