Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Picture Extravaganza!

Happy Boxing Day. I love Boxing Day. I especially love that it is on Sunday this year. And I love that I'm still skipping church thanks to Ezra Lee (like I want him to get pertussis!) and everyone ELSE in my house is skipping church thanks to fevers and snotty noses. I LOVE IT WHEN EVERYONE IS SICK.

Okay, that last part was sarcasm, but still. It's so lovely to just sink into the fact that the Christmas hectic-ness is over. Ya know? I'm sure plenty of people are still celebrating with family today, but we are done. LOVELY, I say. The moment we throw Oliver in his bed for naps we are taking down the Tree. On Tuesday, it shall go to the wood-chipping plant. (I wish our fire place was wood, and then it would get chopped up for next year's fires... but alas, we've a gas fire place...)


But still our holidays were filled (and I do mean FILLED) with beauty and family and food (SO MUCH FOOD) and joy.

And now the pictures.

On Thursday (Christmas Eve EVE) we headed to SLC on the train to see Derek's brother and his family. "Cousins" are a magic word with my boys. The adore their cousins and love when we get together. They also, as we had hoped, LOVED riding the train down. It was so nice to sit and ride with them for a half hour rather than try to brave the craziness of driving in the city. We went to the Children's museum and a delicious dinner and this is the only picture I took because I forgot my camera.
From December 2010
It's the boys watching the world whiz by. LOVE!

Christmas Eve was spent eating at my parents' house and then heading home for new Christmas Jammies. I made them months ago and as I suspected, Oliver's were too small if he's in a cloth diaper and barely fit in a disposable. So he may not ever wear them again, but dang they were SO cute and match-y. SO CUTE!
From December 2010
From December 2010
I wish I could claim the Ninja Pillow design as my own, but alas, inspiration and design here
From December 2010
Dude, I have FOUR children. WEIRD!
This picture is purely for proof of Ezra's constant up-chucking. We're trying to regulate his meds but it's REALLY hard when the moment he wakes up he's STARVED and asking him to wait 20 minutes for his meds to kick in is impossible. So, he pukes up his meds WITH his food. NICE. See how wet he is? The dark spots on his shirt are spit-up.
From December 2010
Our "handmade" Christmas went off beautifully. Really. It was SO fun. Not everything was handmade but the big stuff was (except for Oliver's which was from a second hand store, so I don't feel bad about it!)
From December 2010
From December 2010
(I took no pictures of all the stuff that went IN the kit, but the plastic tubing and the nuts *yes nuts, still in the shells* were definitely the highlights.)

The Batcave:
From December 2010
The Blender:
From December 2010
The Baby Quilt:
From December 2010
Derek, all Christmas-ed out:
From December 2010
So, basically, Christmas took all of 20 minutes. HA!
Then we headed down to the 'rents again, where I took no pictures because I sat on the couch and rocked Ezra the entire time because I had a horrendous headache.

And now, here I sit, still (again) rocking Ez, in my jammies, my hair a HOT MESS, and it's nearing 11am. Everything is exactly as it should be.

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!


BloggingBills said...

I know it's a super hassle to come to the 'rents' house, but it makes our Christmas just as I envisioned it (kind of like how you envisioned yours) with all the kids, chaos and crying (from Lexicon about Caleb). So thank you for braving everything to come to us. We loved sharing that part of the day with you.
Love ya,

Kim said...

Morgan you amaze me, you managed to gestate, give birth, care for your other small children AND make handmade gifts. Seriously need to change the saying to "keeping up with the Hagey's". You deserve all kinds of wonderful, you are an awesome Mommy!

Yasmine said...

Wow, I'm impressed you made all those! The batcave looks especially awesome. You truly are a super momma.


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