Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Oliver's hair. Oh my gosh. I've been ridiculous about it. Before their first birthdays the other two boys had had at least one if not two or three hair cuts. But Oliver. Well, he was bald before until just a few months ago. And then. Oh, he had the sweetest curls in the back. Henry and Spencer have stick straight hair they got from their daddy. So, two little curls at the nape of Oliver's neck meant one thing: I could NOT cut his hair off. I couldn't do it.

So, I let it go. And go. And go.

And then this morning, I was planning on cutting Henry and Spencer's because they looked ridiculous, and Oliver took a pancake and smeared it all over himself, including his hair.

So, I cut it.

And it was a milestone.

From Nov 2010
(Complete with booger for your viewing pleasure.)

And after:
From Nov 2010
From Nov 2010
From Nov 2010

Such a big boy. He was only slightly traumatized and actually hated having to shower off AFTER the haircut far more than the actual event. Sigh.

I know I say it a lot, but he is getting so BIG! They all are. Oliver and I missed out on a lot in the beginning. I feel like I missed the entire first six months of his life because of his constant hysteria and sickness. I am LOVING making up for that lost time now, and really dig his personality, which I knew I would if we ever got the chance! His bros are cool so I knew he was too. And now he's a big boy. He keeps talking about his hair cut. "Hair... cut! Cut... hair!" and rubbing his head. 

And in other news, Toy Story 3 from the Red Box during a blizzard? Yes please!
From Nov 2010
My kids are bizarre. Spencer saw this picture and goes, "Why did I have a blanket on my head?" I have NO idea, kid, YOU put it there!

Happy Thanksgiving! See ya'll next week. Or whenever.

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