Monday, November 22, 2010

It's.... MONDAY!

Well. Let me tell you, it is MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY!

This is fine and all. Really, the days of the week mean almost nothing other than to help determine which job Derek is at and when for the kids. So, MONDAY!

Monday means grocery shopping though, and has for a while. See, if I can make it til Monday, then I can get everything I need at a NON-busy time because it's MONDAY!

Monday also means school for the boys and family home evening. All beautiful.

Today meant me getting to sleep in a bit thanks to a headache that nearly killed me (I took more drugs than pregnant people are supposed to take, but my gosh, I was dying!) and it's still there, lingering but much better. If I have one real pregnancy complaint, it's headaches. My goodness. But Derek herded the monkeys until I stumbled out, hang-over style at almost 9:00am. That was nice of him considering that they were up at 6:00am. (My kids don't really like me, and act like absolute hooligans first thing in the morning. Didja know that?)

This weekend marked SNOW SNOW SNOW which the boys absolutely love,
From Nov 2010
and I feel a bit conflicted over. I love fall, but winter and I haven't really come to a conclusion yet. I like it, but do I love it? So, the snow is supposed to fall until Wednesday, just in time for Turkey-festivities. That'll be good.

So, see? This week has promise already.

This weekend, Derek decided to do a birth-pool-dry-run since the last time took him longer than he wanted. I came home from a quick store run (I couldn't wait until Monday, we needed milk!). And I found this.
From Nov 2010
Apparently, my cheapo fishy pool is quite comfortable.

We also hosted dinner on Sunday night which was a blast and the boys made their aunt and uncle run around and play hide-and-seek and horsie repeatedly. I love it when OTHERS entertain my children. LOVE! Plus, it was fun for us too. See? See my crazy brother? You wish he was YOUR crazy brother. Hands off though, he's jail-bait.
From Nov 2010

So, if I don't talk to you until after the holiday of Thanks, then be safe, don't eat TOO much and have a good time.

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Chelsea said...

Your brother's being a wizard, right? I wanna play wizard. John & I may buy sleeping bags JUST to play wizards.


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