Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Catch Up Post of Sorts

The time has come to memorize my debit card information. It's ALLLLLL the way upstairs, and I'm WAAAAYYYY down in the basement. It *might* take me 30 steps (OR MORE) to haul myself up there to get it. I NEED to order more soap for laundry and my card is ALLLLLL the way upstairs. It starts with a 4. This I know.

In other news, my house is unpacked, except for one pesky box that makes me mad and then the hanging of pictures. It's done. I am unspeakably exhausted but it's done. It's SO done that the kids can throw toys everywhere. NICE!

In other OTHER news, I don't know what my issue has been but I just kind of forgot that pregnancy + having a baby which = having to get stuff together. I'm certain it's partially because we've been in not our own house for so long and then we moved, but with Oliver, by 36 weeks to the day, I had a lovely pile of home birth and baby supplies all ready and organized. With Henry, I was 100% ready for his arrival by 30 weeks. With Spencer, it was not quite as soon, but still, I was set.

But since I'm DONE unpacking, today I pulled the boxes of newborn stuff out (I kept them close on purpose) and as I was sorting and piling and washing... I could hardly believe it. It's time do this AGAIN! When did this happen? I know HOW it happened, but how is it that my time is nearly here. I just... what?? I have never ever felt so unprepared for the arrival of a child. It's completely surreal. I don't feel 36 weeks pregnant. I don't feel like I'm about to be the mother of four boys. So, um... what?? It's very very strange. I'm excited to meet him, really I am, but I'm just miffed as to how it's time ALREADY for all those tiny clothes, and burp clothes and swaddle blankets.

In other other OTHER news, we just bought our dog a couch. I know, right? See, the stinker-butt-stupid animal has this sort of entitlement complex that was only made worse whilst living with my parents. They had so much furniture that it was never hard for him to find a couch to flop on. He was living the high life, let me tell you.

Well, here in our little 1500 square feet, yeah, not so much. We have two options, neither of which do I actually want his stupid dog-butt on. So, we got ourselves a couch all his own. YAY! It's tiny, so it should fit, and he can STOP acting so put-out when I kick him to the floor. And by the way, he already HAS his OWN BED, and it's soft and green and very dog-appropriate. He just acts like it's beneath him to sleep on the freaking floor.

So, yeah, $30 later, the dog has his own couch.


And finally, the problem with my laundry was discovered today after I once again flooded our basement. There is a gorgeous, huge, ancient tree that overhangs my house. The roots had utterly and completely grown into the sewer line and completely blocked it. This is why small loads would drain, but big loads would fail, and my toilet was overflowing. The sewer line needs to be replaced, (THANK GOODNESS WE'RE RENTERS!) but in the meantime, it should work great. It has been working so far today. Thank you ROOTER MAN!

And now I'm done.

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