Thursday, October 7, 2010

Right now...

Right now, it is COOL outside. I am in pants, long sleeves AND a hoodie. HOT DOG!

Right now, Oliver is single-handedly dismantling the kitchen. Seriously. He just carried out into the dining room the largest pot I've ever seen. I don't even know from whence it has come. But he found it.

Right now, Henry and Spencer have stolen the lid from said pot and are using it alternately as a drum and a shield. I can't see a single one of them, but I can hear them. We all know hearing is just as important as seeing. Nothing terrible untoward is occurring, so I shall continue on.

Right now, my stupid-butt minivan has a flat tire. We must have driven over something not-so-good because those tires are practically new. I am homebound for the day. Good thing our library trip has already occurred. And thank the Heavens above that the flat has finished itself out here at home and not on the road.

Right now, the house is in need of my attention, and I am so deliriously tired that I am not sure where to begin. I lost count of my trips to the boys' bedroom last night. Why did I even bother to lay down? The moment I would drift off again, someone would need something.

Right now, Derek is off to work at a new job that he is LOVING. Too bad it's part time. But it is a start, WOOOOHOOO! Happy husbands are really the very best kind.

Right now, I am wondering where in the world I laid my Diet Caffeine for the day. I'm in need here people, NEED!

Right now, I must go tuck in Oliver to bed and start to un-destroy the kitchen.

Carpe Diem, right?

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BloggingBills said...

don't worry about the house. we have a 4 day weekend coming up next week.


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