Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CHRISTMAS part II.. uh again

All right, ya'll twisted my arm. The beauty of little boys who can't read yet means I can blab about Christmas all I want! There are SOME things that can not be uttered. But, really, you'll get the gist.

So, the whole plan, as I said revolves around things my children actually like. For Spencer, it's EASY. SUPERHEROS! Really, his favorite is Batman/Robin/Superman/BuzzLightyear/SpiderMan/TMNT. See? EASY!

So, we've purchased a doll house for him.

I know, right?

And that doll house is to be repurposed, painted and designed into the BATCAVE! Now, I know that we *could* purchase such an item, as I already know they exist. But, with an incredibly sturdy wooden doll house at our disposal for $2.00, it seemed silly to pay $45 for the plastic version. Plus, his daddy is going to PIMP IT OUT! It's going to be so so so cool.

For Henry, well. It's hard to exactly put into words what Henry loves. He likes superheros as well, and will be  certainly taking a turn or two with the Batcave, but really, he's my engineer, my creator of all things.

 So, he's getting a travel pack filled with the things he loves the most. Weird, random things speak to him and call out to him from my mother's junk drawer. So, in essence we are creating a traveling, strap-on-able junk drawer for him, overflowing with delights like string, paper clips, random nozzles and metal rings, screw drivers and glue, scissors, velcro, really, as much as we can cram in there and have him still be able to carry it around.

 He will die of glee, because it will be RANDOM and it will be ALL HIS! And it will be something we can constantly update and refill, so the fun will literally never end.

For Oliver, the jury is still out. We plan to do books for sure, but also... I think I'm going to create a little kitchen for him. For a child who is not yet 18 months old (tomorrow...sigh), he is extremely adept at the whole pots and pans thing. He spent hours today assembling the blender (sans blades, relax!) and "blending up" cookie cutters. So, his Christmas will be of the culinary nature. SO fun and cute!

My mother has graciously offered to create an "official" dress-up suitcase (or two... or three...) and to fill it with all things imaginary. The boys already have a small collection, but it needs a home of it's own.

 MAGIC is happening this Christmas, people. MAGIC.

New Baby, well, his is done. He is getting a quilt, which I made and would show you, but it's all the way downstairs... see?

Derek and I had planned to construct an "observation tower" for the Kitchen, but our plans have been waylaid by the small and simple truth: No obeservation tower in the world will hold four curious little souls who want to crack the eggs and put in the chocolate chips. We're trying to decide if we should make one just for he who is the smallest, and allow the counter-top sitting to continue... or what? Thoughts?

I have already constructed 3 out of 4 pairs of Christmas Jammies. I need to get a pair of newborn pants out of storage to use for sizing and then pair #4 will be done.

And I have completed the Snuggies and blankets for the boys as well. See? See my brother Josh model Henry's for me? LOVE!
From The Diet Coke Diet

I am still in contact with Santa Claus about what things he'll be bringing 'round this year. I think HE might be the one who makes the trip to Target or the like for whatever current trendy thing is on my sweet boys' lists. I can handle that, I think. 

So, see, Christmas is... in what... um... 80 days? So, I'll be fine. 

Now, WHAT to do about Henry's birthday? GAH!


Alisha said...

I know you are doing the whole wonderful make it yourself xmas thing, but if you want, we have a decent play kitchen you can have for him. But it sounds like things are moving along well. Fun ideas all.

Anna said...

Morgan it sounds awesome, time consuming but it will be awesome.

Meaghan said...

Morgan, I think making gifts for your boys is a wonderful idea. I try to make at least a few gifts for people each year. Last year I made small quilts for my nephews. How you manage to make gifts with 3 little boys running around and another on the way, I have no idea, but good for you! You're my hero :)

Giggles said...

I love homemade Christmases! And yours sounds like it certainly will be full of magic.

Stopping by from MMB.


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