Friday, October 22, 2010


I have been blogging much about anything because well, I'm feeling rather... meh... about most things. All is well, of course. Kids are happy and minus the cold, healthy. After some SERIOUS prayer, we seem to *maybe* have escaped the croup that landed us in the ER the last TWO colds. Seriously. Serious.

We're continuing on in our everyday, every day. It seems like things change constantly. Oliver adds new words to his ever growing vocabulary daily. Yesterday it was "bunny" and I nearly died of sheer cuteness overload.

The big boys have their Halloween costumes all squared away (with like 9 days to spare, go me!). It's going to be fun. Their cousins are planning on being here to trick or treat the night away, so we're looking forward to that, of course.

We've got the new nephew we've been anxiously awaiting. Everything went beautifully, which is a blessing and we're grateful. I can't wait to meet him once the SNOT stops flowing.

Oh, and in Derek's world, work is going great, really. School, which was supposed to be finished in December has been pushed back to May, which is, as always not ideal. His major professor was killed in a freak accident this last week! That causes problems, but in the end, he'll still be able to graduate and move forward. How it should be. YAY!

So, basically, I have zero to complain about. The trials and tribulations we may face just seem to be temporary and sometimes frustrating but overall, we're blessed. And while being blessed is beautiful, it leaves me with very little material for a blog. HAHAH! I mean, if I'm not embarrassing myself or my children aren't acting like hooligans than what is left for your entertainment? NOTHING I say.


I'm still around, but like I said, I may be less "around" only because, life is good and busy, and we'd like to keep it that way, right?


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