Monday, October 4, 2010


I have officially declared that THIS year is the year of "handmade Christmas" and got all excited and started making IMMENSE plans. I mean, we are talking EPIC.

And thus I have begun.

Please spare me the discussions of,  "But it is October!" and the infamous, "You'll have a two-week-old at Christmas!"

I KNOW! That is why it is vital that I have already begun my preparations. DUH!

And really, the main driving force behind this plan was simply: My kids have toooooo many toys. TOOOOO many that don't get played with frequently enough to warrant their existence in my home. So, we're working toward meaningful gifts that my children will really in reality play with every (or almost) every day. I don't want to spend $20 on something just so my kids have a gift on Christmas.


The kicker is, I'm really not the best handi-maker in the world. But I've carefully selected gifts/projects that are well-within my realm of abilities.

Aren't you SO proud of me? My goal is to 100% ready for Christmas by November 1st, which will give 5-ish weeks to haul my pregnant self around and actually spend some time getting ready for our new bundle. (It is SO not going to happen, but I must try. I MUST!)

But do not forget I have two additional birthdays, a new nephew to snuggle in about two weeks, and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Veteran's Day between now and our new bundle. So I haven't a moment to lose.

I better run.

Well, Christmas aside, I need to run because Oliver is rooting through the trash.

See ya!


Becky said...

You can do it! Last year I made the same goal (well, part of it) - to have things done by November. It makes that month and December wonderful!!!! You can relax and actually enjoy the holidays. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Good luck.

TJDKG said...

YAY.. I want to see what you're making!!! I'm considering this.. I took all the kids toys away except for 3 dolls, the Fisher Price Nativity, and a handful (handful like 4) hotwheel cars. oh and Buzz and Woody are out I do believe. I'm sick of toys.. and I dont even want to get them clothes either we have too many clothes, but I think I can deal with a few more items of clothing, new pillow maybe? I'm a mean mom.

Alisha said...

Curious as to what you are planning to make. I've had multiple hand made Christmas's in my life and with the right prep on all parts, they were the best. Really

Yasmine said...

Yeah, what are you making? Or is it a secret?

BloggingBills said...

We actually have some of the handmade toys and stuff I made for you kids when you were tiny. So they are the things that last.
Of course a bag full of cabbage patch doll clothes isn't really what a convocation of little boys needs, but I saved the patterns in hopes!


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