Friday, October 1, 2010

How October Started

At SOME POINT this morning, I really would like to take a shower. Ya know?

My day began at 5:15 with Mr. O deciding it was MORNING. I *think* maybe he might have drifted off to sleep at some point in my  bed. But I can't be sure, because very shortly thereafter with Spencer announcing, "Henry is NAKED!"

Oh my.

And so my day began.

And continued. Tears, yells, hugs, books, breakfast, complaints, dressing (not ME! That would silly.) Diapers, potty trips, laundry, and now, here I sit.

And it's 8:58.

What's left on the list for today?


I am trying but it seems futile. So instead, I'll sit here, and in moment, Oliver will bring me a book to read (he firmly believes the computer desk is his own personal book nook.) I'll oblige because I fear the day he'll stop asking if I say "No."

The boys went outside for approximately 3 minutes before returning because the yard is "wet!" (Thanks to sprinklers, not rain, sigh.)

And now, I don't know where Oliver has got to because frankly, I'm ignoring everyone as I type this. I hear the boys behind me grunting and yelling as their superhero play unfolds. WHERE is Oliver?

Oh, there he is. Henry declares, "MOM! Oliver has the baby lotion! HURRY!"

Thank you Son, for that extremely helpful help.

And now, I'm done because Oliver is screaming bloody murder as I type this because took AWAY the baby lotion. He is pushing against me and choking out "MOMMY!" as if I have utterly betrayed him.

And that is how October started. How 'bout yours?

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Lori said...

Our October started with rain ... in Vegas ... rain in Vegas. You miss it here, come back. Now. Get back here right now! =)


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