Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From the Mixed Up Files...

I am thinking that perhaps the title of my life should be:

Tales of the Reluctant Nocturnal Insomniac

Because so much of how my day goes, how ALL our days go, is based on how the night is. The only problem with that is that in my panic to keep all safely sleeping in their beds, I become hyper-aware.

So, in paranoid nervousness, I don't sleep all that well.

Take last night for instance. I was awakened at about 3:00am by nothing other than my own psyche. I lay there for a moment, and heard, THUNK... "OW!!!"

Now, Oliver was safely and blissfully zipped in his tent. So, it couldn't have been him. That only eliminated ONE of the possibilities.

On went the glasses, and I was already in the boys' room.

Turns out Spencer had managed to fall off the BACK of his bed onto the floor. (He's super talented.) I think it had something to do with Henry forcing him off, because Henry was in Spencer's bed.


So, Spencer was soothed, looked over and returned to bed... well, Henry's bed.

And all was again quiet.

See? I am clairvoyant enough that it keeps me up at night.

So, even when my children sleep like a dream, I lay awake waiting for a small person to need...something.

And MOST nights, someone does.

I now understand what my mother meant when she said she hadn't slept through the night in 20 years. Even when my kids don't BUG me at night, I am still there, awake, waiting.

Not always! I do sleep, but I could not even tell you the last time I went to sleep at night, not to wake until the morning. :)

Talk to me in 20  years.

Such is the life, I suppose. I'm not worried. I'm still function. I'm still AWAKE when I need to be. I'm good.


In other news, my camera won't turn on, and this distresses me verily.

Before it decided to be in a coma, I got some pictures of the boys making SLIME for "S is for Spencer" day. I know... what am I implying by combining Spencer and slime? NOTHING! It was just a blast of a project.

From September 2010
From September 2010
Life is, indeed, sweet. :)


McEuens said...

Ah, motherhood. Amazing how much it messes with ya. Hope you can get some good sleep soon. I have actually occasionally resorted to ear plugs when I am having just the kind of trouble you described, but of course only when I know someone else will hear and be able to help the kiddos if there does happen to be a problem. i.e. I really only do this on the rare occasion that Scott watches the kids and I take a nap or the even rarer occasion when he gets up with them in the morning and I sleep in. But it's kind of amazing how much it helps.

Alisa said...

GAK!!! I LOOOOVE GAK!! Where in the world do you get Borax?!!!

Morgan -Ing said...

Alisa- Harmons. It's where I get that and the washing soda I use for laundry.


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